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Won the last thing. We need to win this game overall. If you like well to win by five or more. I believe is is what we said. Yeah but let's win win one one. Okay so what question. Because a reveal a secret we win the round. This is question three in it's one to one. Is that question three what she want to go to the be again. How a a i guess. I guess we could do a we can do a. that's fine. let's see we can. Do you know if we get if we get to as and we went automatically. So let's do a i name the first state alphabetically first. Us state alphabetically thinking. Oh what do you think i think. Alabama alabama is alabama arizona in arkansas. After that i think unless we're missing like absence. Yeah alabama could be absent adirondacks. I i think we'll go with alabam. Alabama if alabama. Good job yaw. Rob's team needs a three hour. See i guess. Don't go down. we're going down in flames. Go on we could call it. See this ivy league. School was established in eighteen. Sixty five okay. God is going to be on. I'm sorry so it's or it's too hard. No no. I'm just saying i mean harvard or yale right okay. So it's cornell qatar job no you guys rushed into that it could have easily been columbia to so that was good. But i'm glad we didn't know that because the podcast would have another half an hour to if we get the question right. We win if not they need to three and then we have a super tie that we went around. The kiva still has to reveal a secret. Yes yes we do we lose. I didn't think about that. I don't care who wants the game. I just wanna secret we we. We have another question. No question okay. So t mckeever. Which now. I don't want to do the secret and i wanna three. Are you okay with that. We're gonna win the game. You do what do you think well. Actually let's do so that would be. Its high at least. Amanda wants to tired of hearing post. I didn't even realize she's tricking me. Okay perfect okay. This person was recently named secretary of educate no in orders. Scratch discussion huck okay. Elephant first appeared in one thousand nine thirty. Two children's book arbiter bird which first appeared in the nineteen thirty two children's book. What you thinking that something bar. Why do i have like barbara editor. I don't know maybe that's just a random Gina gina famous. Amanda famous elephants. I know i know gumbo. Oh yeah no. He doesn't unless unless they're unless the be is silent and dumb cousin bernard the dumbo. Heck no i'm Hired what do you think it is. That i don't know i just i just also want to give them like a clue harrelson. Should we pass. Twenty is amanda. You want something does that. Yeah just so. I'm gonna guess guess You can guess bernard incorrect waiting for was waiting for that to say okay job. I don't think we're going to get through elephant steal it place bubba. The french french bar. So were you saying we're seeing barker right wing it points for barbara for barber for barbara. I would not have given it to you very tough. Judge judge where we have them here to make sure nobody puts them in What's the score now. It is now two to wear to ask that question right and they stole both the materials. Okay so so they tie with two or win the whole game two then. We can't tie with the two five. It's seven points akiva. Akiva keeps talking about the whole the whole okay ahead in this game. We have one now. Is you won this game. And i'm gonna have to say a secret however for the overall game the most important thing you need you not any points right now. Akiva as ten points correct so we need three two three two win to tie to determine the already won this game. There's really no reason not to go for the three. I think because we can't win the game because even if you steal it then it just becomes doesn't matter either way we only go for it to throw for two and i guess i. Let's go go for three. Rub come in spinner. Just skip that secretary of education question. The answer they gave was just wrong so wrong. Oh yeah that's done. They said it was buddha judge but he secretary of transportation Okay was wrong now. we have to. We have to audit every question. Maybe listeners submitted because here listeners just a minute questions and some put it together so c- question is element is number twenty on the periodic table. Element is number twenty on carbon would have thought what what our choices carbon copper is. Not one could be copper. It's goes harry. He likes beer by cops. Not overflowing nilly naturally music reuter..

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