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An arm. they're getting free season tickets only money. they're getting from them as concessions and sometimes not even that you know if they don't wanna eat all part because the good see episode whatever it was we talked about. it's brown i'm go yeah But no. I think i'm just talking pure entertainment pure engagement Not even the economy of it but just just the fact that there are people butts in seats right. That's gonna be an interesting thing to see and but again if you think about it that the host family thing wasn't it kind of only at rookie ball and low a affiliate levels Probably in those don't even exist anymore like the arizona. Summer league in the dominican summer league and pioneer pioneer leagues. Got the other gone now right. So they're not affiliated. That is what i'm saying like. Yeah yeah yeah. As far as affiliated goes i mean the cost is it's more cost effective now than it was three years ago for sure. Yeah right so. It makes more sense routines to like the fit that bill. And i think that's part of i mean we've talked about this before that's part of the reason they did. That was because they saw things like this coming where they're going to have to pay for housing. They're gonna have to pay their players more. They're going to have to take care of them more so like well. We can't do that for five. Minor league teams get cut. Cut the fat here. So i think that i think that goes a long way a long way for it. I think you're right and like we talked about with the pioneers guys. This great opportunity for them to shake it up and make it their own. And i think everybody's winning right now. This is what i'm in. Yeah and it's pretty pretty stinking cool so the next story that we have is probably the coolest thing that you didn't hear about honestly i would agree with that. Yeah because this came as somewhat of a shock to both brad. And i and we were like whoa. Whoa and it's a huge deal but if you know you don't know so we're gonna tell you major league. Baseball is in talks right now setting up. That's what we do. We tell you where the talks to set up a streaming four major league baseball games that will not have blackout restrictions. Yeah that's a big deal inc and don't get in a wreck on your commute okay To to handle that wheel now is that is that is shocking because So when we lived in idaho. I did not get to watch any mariners games at all. I was starting to actually become a little bit of a dodgers fan. Because those are the games i got to watch at night. You know because of timing. And everything like that. Like i didn't get to watch mariners games so i would turn on a dodger game and you know it helps that my brother in law with us and is dodger fan so we turn on the dodgers but anyway now though i mean now i live in phoenix. I don't get to watch diamondbacks games..

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