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I think he's a great player and he's a great competitor and we need his life in this offense offense and on this football team but we'll just cross our fingers. I'll make no speculation whatsoever. He's got to get it evaluated. He's got get the information you need and when he does we'll be back. Okay ask me if i've talked to thompson over the holidays. Have you talked to michael thompson over the last couple of days. I'm not gonna get get into that the exact time when i talked to him and when they didn't talk to him i was just hoping to get back at here soon as possible. That's code for no hell no he. He hasn't talked to of in the last two days. If you've talked to him in the last two days you say of course they talked to him all the time. Something's going on here. I smell a rat and and i hope antonio brent. I hope it's not anything serious with his foot by the words. I really love watching him play. This is another guy by the way that would be a for sure a top twenty fantasy football pick antonio brown who led n._f._l. Receivers touchdowns next year but would would you take him with your one of your first two picks at this point point i would not he doesn't have a helmet. He's got frostbite on his feet. He's looking at tablets in his bank account and liking things in meetings on instagram. What the hell is happening here. This is who you bet on this guy you bet on. That's a lot of money like tim cow calming who runs the athletic which is based in northern california said all khalil mack wanted was to get paid in turn around and wanted to get paid and now he wants a helmet and he wants to look at its big mac. You knew what you were getting. I i'll i'll say say till i die. It is the worst football trade of my lifetime leading khalil mack go to the bears. I spent a bears fan. There's a bears fan here today. Their ears but khalil mack is going to be an all pro for he's. He's the second best defensive player in the n._f._l. Behind here and i think jon gruden is crazy like a fox. I think even with antonio antonio brown even with antonio brown by the way. I'm not worried about antonio brown. I'm glad you're not not the slightest bit worried. Although there is a level of stupidity in the cryotherapy think well but here's the thing to diva wide receivers often can play play right t. o with all the drama he caused put up monster numbers every year randy. Moss put up monster numbers even when he was getting traded off antonio brown could still be a diva and put up monster numbers. That's why in this way. I'll agree with inder sicilian. Oh that's why you wait till we one to see whether or not antonio brown can contribute by the way justin gatlin who is an american sprinter says wants wants had the exact same situation with the blisters on his feet. He was wearing socks but they were damp can't do that even if the socks sir damp this happens now. He also reacted to the images of his feet. He says they are bad. It looks like blistering. It's going to get better but i was shocked when i saw it. You're standing on risers. He's not very tall so he's probably standing on a riser to get his head out of the tank. The clavicle levels should be the top so it means. He's standing on these foam pads. He says he thinks the blistering is so bad. It's going to take much longer for it to heal. Does he say how much longer he doesn't. He says the blistering that <hes> he had was far less severe than than what justin gallon had so. Maybe that's a more serious situation than we think well and he went into a cryotherapy sauna which means your head is sticking out the top when i do it. I go into a chamber which means i'm in an enclosed room. The although my cryotherapy the people got an email from my craft therapy place today that it's closing so i need to find a really down. They're shutting it down in august so i need to find a new room all right but remind you're coming up in nah half an hour..

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