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ST Petersburg Mayor Rick Crisman says the Tampa Bay Rays may have violated the terms of their contract with the city. If a lawsuit filed against the owner is true, they suit from several minority owners claim Stuart Sternberg was negotiating with a group in Montreal behind the backs of city officials and other owners. In a statement, the Rays said the suit is deceptive and inflammatory and is fraught with error and falsehood coming up on AM Tampa Bay Saint Pete Mayor Rick Kreismen will talk about the Rays situation. Just a few minutes here on news radio W F L A Stabbing in ST Petersburg. Police say a 53 year old woman was seriously injured when she was attacked in her home in the 2300 block of 49th Street. South police say her adult son, Jabbar, ecology is in custody. Rwanda. Fernandez with the department tells news Channel eight. This wasn't the first time officers have had to respond to that address. We know that we've been out there before. There has been a history of domestic issues and mental health issues there. But exactly what triggered this this morning. We're still trying to piece together. The woman suffer life threatening injuries and was taken to an area hospital. Drought conditions air, causing what one Pasco County official calls a perfect storm for a potentially deadly virus. Eastern equine encephalitis or Tripoli has been detected in chickens. The virus passes from birds to mosquitoes to humans and other animals. In rare cases it can cause death. Adrian Rodgers is with the Pasco County Mosquito Control District. She says She's seeing more cases than normal because dry weather is forcing the mosquitoes and birds to congregate in the few areas where water is available. Discussion over masks in the classroom still very heated, and Manatee County where school board members are expected to decide a new policy for next fall that would make face coverings optional. Many parents like Denise Dilemma, tell News Channel ace. It is time to move on. We've gone through the process with curved what need to be curved and it's it's just time to get rid of the masks. All together. A majority of school board members are expected to lift the mask rules at their next meeting. An elderly Tampa couples the victim of what a neighbor calls of brazen and unsettling crime. Police say three men walked up to a home in south Tampa in the middle of the afternoon distracted the elderly couple who live there, entered the home and stole jewelry The woman was wearing Suspects may also made a similar attempt in Sarasota. Some executives with a well known retailer will find it easy to visit will find it easier to visit the Tampa Bay area for both put business and pleasure to airlines are heading service to Tampa.

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