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To be one hundred percent loyal and retell the books verbatim like peter jackson did with lord of the rings in order to make this a success for me i just wanted something that was entertaining and i did not find that here even though the movie was only ninety five minutes of felt like i was in that theatre a long time because i just wasn't finding enjoyment of this movie but i always bring that fourth recommend when i can and look it stephen kings point of view when because this is weekend of release i'm a little bit skeptical about what he said but after seeing a cut of the movie he wrote the director an email and ended it you have not forgotten the face of your father so from that and everything i'm reading online right now it seems like stephen king is going to give this movie a recommend and that's strange he usually doesn't like it when you change his stuff especially so much but he did have say in this one that said he also was very pro the shining and a lot of his movies he was very pro maximum overdrive before that came out with a little bit of time and a little bit of distance king faisal plays where you can be honest with his constant readers and i wonder if in five years he might not change that tune a little bit yeah don't ever use that word magnum opus again this movie couldn't be more paltry in its ambitions no and i think it's one of those cases where may be ron howard and akiva goldsman worked on this for so long they're happy just to get something over the finish line and they get something to show for it but i'd be embarrassed if this is what i turned in after that you know what i thought of was fantastic four what was that 2015 reboot where that thing was chopped all the pieces i thought this was horror of a competent film a map but yeah it at that same problem yeah i think because.

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