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I'm gonna look polka band. 'cause i think they were from really concert. I just remember john. Candy playing the lindsay. The polka king of the mid west. Okay so they were. The kenosha kickers notion kickers. That was their name. I want to see the happy schnapps combo now but Kenosha wisconsin is that the polka capital of the united states. It has a dinosaur discovery museum. I don't but so wait. Where are they from wisconsin to. Yeah mana talk. How far away from that is. Can i can ocean areas. That is hilarious. That they're both from wisconsin. Poke here but yeah. But obviously if you're mentioning wisconsin twice they. They're popping out and polka beer cheese and polka beer cheese and polka heaven west. Virginia's not almost heaven wisconsin of content with kurds. And some polka. That's amazing sandwiches. The brothers to the sheriff as fbi agents angus in young angus young is the league tourist of acdc a band whose music often featured throughout the series and. I said acdc correctly this time. Uh sam finds brewer in the go theater johann wolfgang von goethe was a german writer who wrote the famous tragic play faust which is a main theme of selling your Main theme is selling your soul to a demon is reiterated on this show at brewer. Who's played by. Michael lind states that he saw the vampire attack. He actually plays elder vampire in the movie. Van helsing in twenty sixteen He also plays a vampire. Bobo del rey. And winona okay. I never watched that. I want to. I just haven't watched it. Oh when sam approaches the stairs in the movie theater poster of the nineteen fifty three film house of wax can be seen in the foreground it as mentioned probably like two hundred times. Jerry pedal icky co starred in the two thousand five remake of house of wax. Heck yeah oh. I like the movie in the originals. Fucked up in pieces start falling. You guys think you'll get an episode where we don't make the bar fee noise if going to happen will happen when sam goes to confront ed who he assumes is a shape shifter the brothers looking for at the movie theater. The side of the entrances. The phantom of the opera is showing phantom of the is effectively a metaphor for the monster of the week. A person who was born different in this alienated their entire life. Dean tell sam so what we gotta vampire in a with monster. Mashing this town he's referring to the graveyard smash hit monster mash by bobby. Boris pickett in the crypt kickers. And if you want to go back and hear that song because you get you know google it. Our monster mash episode. Yes you can listen to that. We did a special halloween episode with monsters in the monster mash. The opening credits are presented in the same way as that Classic black and white film credits were. There is even an intermission panel complete with closed curtain and soft music playing halfway through this episode. i like that again and creativity in this episode. Whoever would have thought of that in the mummy seen the security guard asks. Helen might have any record of the delivery of the dummy. Helen is the name of the female lead in the original. The mummy and from nineteen thirty. Two starring boris karloff. The name chandler's is also used in this episode. Helen chandler was the actress that played meena in the nineteen. Thirty one dracula dracula's line it was beauty killed the beast from king kong nineteen thirty three the retrial of the dracula character in this episode refers in looks in gestures to famous horror movie actor..

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