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Lines each day. And as if those. Lines were not long enough hundreds of aviation. Security personnel have been at least temporarily deployed to the Mexican border. Jim Chenevey CBS news. Police in Quincy say they are looking for a driver, who took off on foot after crashing into a building overnight that driver went right into the front of Taylor business with van has not been seen since Quincy. Police again on the lookout, it's nine. Oh, six and fifty four degrees in Boston tragedy on the Danube river in Budapest, a collision between a tour boat and a larger cruise ship claims at least seven lives, a nearly two dozen others remain missing a criminal investigation now underway, many of those on board, the tour boat from South Korea, I spoke this morning with ABC's Tom rivers who's watching the story saying that to captain are being investigated as a criminal investigation right now, one element of that is that none of the people on board the sightseeing boat. And their life jackets on that boat went down in seven seconds. Best moving, it was heavy downpour, and when this collision occurred, and one of these survivors was plucked out of the water, two miles downstream. So it shows you what they're what they're facing right now. The, the rescue divers and also the military divers there. This did collide with a larger cruise ship. Any injuries on that cruise ship Tom. No, none at all from the Viking Line, very famous line that you've heard of, and nobody hurt on that larger vessel, but all of the all the Potala fees and the missing on this is smaller one that was only an hour excursion at night. Checking out the city, the beautiful lights, etc. And they'd just come back and we're ready to offload when this accident occurred against seven seven people dead. All of them South Korean tourists. The government of South Korea say they were not wearing life jackets. Also officials working on..

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