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Underscoring the difference between the values of the Manson family and the church of Satan. The public was not aware of le'veon's connection to Susan Atkins. According to LA's daughter Zena, he was very afraid that the media would leak this information and bring more suspicion upon the church. Ultimately Levin managed to conceal his link with Atkins until her nineteen seventy seven tell all auto biography by this point. It was no longer. A big news story, the satanic bible was followed closely by levies next book, the complete witch or what to do when virtue fails in nineteen seventy one it was released by different publisher. Dodd Mead and company. Levine was unhappy with the finished product claiming that the publishing house heavily edited his manuscript and sanitized his ideas in nineteen seventy two. Anton returned to Avon for his next book, this Tanic rituals, which was conceived as a companion to the Tanic bible, the book outlines nine rituals and ceremonies intended for group performance. One of the ceremonies included was LA's own satanic baptism that he performed for his daughter Zina when the church of Satan was in its infancy Levin freely printed his address and phone number on posters on fake folded money that he left on the street to be found by passersby. He also allowed reporters to print the address of the black house as they wished Levin said, quote, I don't like to think I was naive during that period of my life. I just wanted the church of Satan to be honest open and above board. I also had a dream of being able to work out of my own home. As most of my friends did who were writers or performers? I envisioned the pleasure of rolling out of bed and having your work right there waiting for you without having to get in your car, and drives when office or another location. I didn't think that was unreasonable, but I didn't understand then how treacherous people could be and quote, lavar also had to consider the safety of his children speaking as adults Laver's daughter Zina and Carla claim that they're only fear of being raised by satanist came from the outside. There were people who were threatened by what their father was trying to do and wanted to give him a bad time Xena recalled a particular incident. She experienced one day coming home from school as she arrived home. She saw a man waiting on her front doorstep with a butcher's knife. She did as she had been instructed by our parents and kept walking past the house pretending. She didn't live there while no harm ever came to her incidents. Like, this were becoming increasingly common after that Lavigne decided to be more private about his and his family's whereabouts. After a few years Levin also began cutting back on the administrative demands. So the church it took a lot of time and effort to preside over his. Lock as well. As handle the church's public relations Levin wanted to focus his energies on personal projects such as writing he decided to take a back seat for the time being and allow the church of Satan members to build upon his vision in their own way. Levin said quote after that original blast. There was no need for the ongoing public spectacle. And outrage of an inverted Catholic mass anymore. Christianity was becoming weaker every day that was just beating a dead horse. There were plenty of other sacred cows to attack, and that's what keeps satanism vital and thriving, and quote all weekly public ceremonies and the black house stopped in nineteen seventy-two responsibility for satanic activities was shifted to the dozens of satanic rods established around the world with the black house. Also known as the central Kroto serving only to screen approve and direct potential active members in the church is Satan in the early to mid seven. Seventies Levin relocated back to Los Angeles. There. He lived at one zero one zero zero Sunset Boulevard also known as the pink palace, the home that formerly belonged to chain Mansfield the house had been acquired by another church of Satan member after Jane's tragic death, the church member offered it till avai who gladly accepted. He was happy to spend time in his friends. Former home as a way of connecting to her memory Hollywood's suited Antonova movie stars found it easy to align themselves with him and his unique philosophy will they felt welcomed and admired by these individuals..

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