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Mo Nightside a couple news time. 905 ART Sanders. TOP local stories from the Comb Over 24 7 News center. Investigators looking into the death of a Buffalo police officer now believe he was killed by his partner. During a shootout with the suspect, Como Su Romero as the later detectives with the Snohomish County multiple agency response team say it appears that Officer Jonathan Shoop was caught in the crossfire of shots exchanged between his partner and a 37 year old man who lived them on a car chase Monday. Spokesman Aaron Snail says the suspect fired on the driver's side of the patrol car and because Officer Mustafa come sure was in the passenger seat returning fire. 32 year old officer, Shoop was in the middle and hit by a bullet from his partner's gun. It's tough knowing that you know, officers are out there doing their job and something like this, you know, unfortunately occurred, he says. The suspect was charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and vehicular assault. Sue Romero Comeau news A family of Attila Tribes member who died after a run in with police is taking action. Five years after his death Attorney Gabe Gallon This is 46 year old Cecil Lacy Jr was having a mental crisis in 2015 minutes, Snohomish County Sheriff's deputy responded. It ended with Lacey face down on the ground, saying I can't breathe. He died shortly afterward. Elena says the family sent a letter to the governor asking for an independent review of the case and accusing Snohomish County of covering up details of Lacey's death, such as not including his last words in the police report, We would not have made this request. If George Floyd did not die in the manner in which he died. But we felt compelled. Given the historic moment we were in to bring forward the evidence that we've generated for the last five years. Governor's office says they will have conversations with the attorney general's office about next steps. The city of Seattle is threatening the shutter businesses and throw people in jail for violating Cove in 19 orders. The mayor's office is They've been doing outreach and education. With the cases continue to rise for repeated or egregious violations. Individuals could be jailed, and companies have their license revoked. Tip line has been set up to report violators. Governor easily visited South King County today, talking with local leaders about the cove in 19 pandemic came away with a belief that we're unified in an effort to use our heads. To follow science to be guided by science and ultimately by saved by science, he said. The single most important thing people can do to stop the spread of the disease is toe wear a mask. Fire Investigators are sifting through debris in search of what started a large fire that destroyed dozens of apartments under construction along the waterfront and Everett last night, almost 10 Natasa as the update Every Fire department says the damage is estimated between 25 to $30 million. But that number could go up because it only counts the destruction to the south building of that complex. It doesn't count damage from the softball sized burning embers that hit homes, roofs, decks across marine view drive or three fire apparatus that were damaged Fire investigators from the Fire Department ever Police Department and the F got aerial photos of the site. Then they'll be combing through the debris looking for any clues, Investigators say. It's just too early to tell what the cause of the fire is. We got to hear from a fire investigator. Fought that fire firsthand. We don't have fires like this often in our communities anymore. So when things like this do happen, there is definitely a sense of intensity, not only for the firefighters, but Even walking through the neighborhoods and talking to the citizens. There was a number that we're really anxious and very scared. This was a four alarm fire..

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