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Place like Dallas now. Dallas isn't out there searching for GM right now. Jerry Jones kind of holds down the fort. There He is an owner that is incredibly meddlesome in all decision making so If you're John Schneider, and you're looking around the field of GM opportunities. No one to opportunities are like so here in Seattle, you have to share some decision making power with with a head coach. You may not have to do that in Detroit or in another place. But your owner is incredibly supportive of you and very hands off the Allen family. The late Paul Allen and his sister Jody, have both been incredibly supportive and not overly meddlesome with this team. That's a huge incentive You don't have, like the barest did someone breathing down your neck, saying we need this guy in enforcing U to make decisions You don't want to make Um so so you have to consider both sides of that. And you also have to consider, you know, just 10 seconds. You also have to consider the draft and salary cap situation. You're in. How? How much do you want to go to Detroit? If they don't have the number one pick the number two pick where? What are you starting with? When you go there? Yeah, that makes that makes tennis since grade school. Okay, so then give me your what would you do? Let's say, because there's a lot of talk out there that one of the things that might be important to John Schneider is having the final say on draft picks and decisions and that Pete currently has that. Right. So if you're the owner What would you do? Would you try to strip that from Pete? And do you think Pete would be okay with letting John have that? I don't think he I think that Pete like any Just like John Schneider would. No one wants to lose decision making power over something. You are comfortable building and have built. I think the best thing you can do if you're the Seahawks talking to Schneider is You have great relationships with people here, um, incredibly supportive relationships. Pete Carroll has said nothing but good things about John John has said nothing but good things about Pete. Not only that, but I would imagine this is Pete Carroll's final contract, Just given his age, John Schneider will have more contracts in the future. I'm curious, though, Do we know? I mean, does anyone plugged in enough in the Seahawks to know Let's just look at the best and worst Seahawks picks over the last over the the Carole Schneider Rain whom actually made those In other words, like Do we know? Know who made that? Who was the final? Who was the person pushing hardest for X? Or why? Because that would actually I mean, if your people the organization who certainly know that That to me would be a big determining factor. And who and who you want to provide leverage to, right? Yeah, we aren't privy to that information often the only couple that I could go back to and remember where they literally have said this year. Pete gave total credit, too. John for Reed Forgetting read. Hey, said, Look, that was totally him. And then they gave credit to Pete for Chris Carson. Yeah, that was one that Pete kind of said I found him. Pitched him to John John took a look. And then we started, you know, doing what they do, But yeah, Those are the two that I've ever heard them kind of give you a little more insight into who actually.

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