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A home this time around all right we'll tell you why for your we appreciate her services and you know if they told her to stay home Hey then you stay home right and you're saying Valencia college will re open on Friday we did have information that you see out for resume classes on Friday as well so there you go Antoine thanks for listening thanks for calling you and your family stay safe we appreciate it let's see who's next year Sam Lewis line three Hey Lewis. Hey Tory listen you said earlier that the curfew has been listed in Osceola county and someone evolution accounting is it true no the the curfew was lifted in Osceola county and never even went into a fact in fact the odd the curfew in Osceola county was supposed to go into effect at eleven o'clock tonight they already lifted that curfew were discontinued the curfew in Volusia county there is a curfew in effect right now went into effect at six o'clock for Volusia county though it is it is only a long the it's a long beat you know a what a the beaches and the barrier islands it's not for the entire county. the delay in the area there is no problem the land no no problem in the land. fantastic thank you Tony all right my friend coverage thank you Sir you hear you good evening Sir you too and stay safe we appreciate it we had a lot of questions throughout the last few days and certainly today about the theme parks want to welcome in my good friend Shelly Karen with I see Florida and M. C. O. on the go we have a lot of new updates from the theme parks are Shelley thank you for your your your consistent and constant work on staying in touch with the theme parks and and getting that information for us before high alert oh wait a second or in the house okay by this morning where the heck is this coming out was that was all right I have an open Mike I want to play for you Shelly as soon as I figure out what else I need to turn off here but what do you have for us. it's going to be back to business as usual in the theme parks.

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