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What's the moon on campus unranked go second ranked munigi lines and near belle cow running bags spurs match against ring teams this season i can't believe i was actually was the move that was terrible terrible this was the rug out there is still no no no that is not terrible there is amazing and i know you put some serious tom and effort into that lead boro there was all kinds of stuff the utterly yeah now we got kale noises look i i everybody on campus has been asking me about milking at kale nobody came up with the utterly ridiculous so i give you all the props on that the mood around here quite honestly is intense everybody's talking about this game everybody's height for this game we're going to have a hundred plus thousand in here were i'm staying inside beaver stadium tomorrow night and we spent tom will not we didn't just milk cows and eat ice cream today we spent time with the team to and speaking with daesh sean hamilton the wide receiver here for the nittany lions who last week broto broke the alltime receptions record european state said to me i asked him about the resurgence you'll how did you guys get back to relic how did you guess the effect the prominent and he said knocked left the senior the older for players to stuck it out when it was heart we'll be ridiculed with people criticise us we stuck it out and now here they are michael second ranked in the country welcoming coach horrible ball in the boys into in detail my boys on eq staff out of your michigan they're out of your thrown bombs beaver stadium.

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