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This is not driven by the needs of the country. This is not driven by trying to help out the people who are hurting back home. This is driven really, by the partisan rage and the partisan anger. The Democrats feel they hate Donald J. Trump and and and they're engaging in. On an act that I think is petty. I think it is retribution. I think it is a vindictive and I think it's a waste of time and so to coin a phrase. I think it's time to move on. You know inside. Listen to that on. Of course, I just got off the phone doing an interview with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. You got Ted Cruz Rand. Paul. Texas Seiji Ken Paxton off fighting the good fight, right? Maybe it's time for some other Republicans to stand up and start fighting as well. Um, I mean, it's it's obvious to me. Biden has its sights squarely on the state of Texas and as Texas a gene Paxton said, I don't think he likes this very much because we didn't vote for him. And you know we're in oil and gas state like it or not. Republicans. If you're listening to me take take a cue from Texas Attorney General Paxton, Ted Cruz, Rand. Paul, Step up and start fighting for the people of your state. Start fighting for your state in general. And by the way, there's also do you know there's a war on women taking place. Yeah, believe or not. Donald Trump didn't have anything to do with it. Joe Biden did but 50% of you women voted for him. So what's up with that? I'll get into that in just a second. Let's go toe Larry in Lake Fork. How you doing wearing Oh, thank you very much, Mr Roberts for taking my call you sir, I'd like to press I'd like to preface my comment to tell you that I'm an octogenarian and retired sergeant Major of Marines. In my lifetime. I never believed that my country could slip into a socialist one party system. I don't know what your common is it. I think we need another party. As I certainly don't think Republicans are up to the task of defeating the Democrats and all the elements that they hold. I don't know of any element strong element in our country that supports the conservative idea. I wish you'd comment on that place. Yeah, it was a matter of fact, Larry. I've mentioned this a couple of times. First of all, Thank you for your service. I prepared to call very much. I don't believe the Republicans or the task of Of dealing with the Democrats, either. They haven't shown that they're up to the task. Thank you for the call. Larry. I appreciate it is I look at this. Um, you know, Trump talked about the Patriot Party. He was toying with the idea of a third party this past weekend. He got rid of that idea, and instead Says he's going to help the Republicans primary. All these never Trumpers, which I think it's an excellent idea if the Republican Party Would put Donald Trump Aziz their lead, man, You know, they may light learn something. You know you can't sit up there and in your three piece suit. Yes. Amen. It's my way or the highway. Life doesn't work that way. And you can't just Simply react to everything the Democrats do. You've got to. You've got to get out there. You gotta play some offense, and Republicans haven't been very good safe for the people. I just mentioned Black Cruz and Rand Paul in There's a few others certainly Texas attorney General Passion You got to go on offense. You know, the state of Texas is worth protecting. The people that live with their borders are worth protecting, and we need people to do that. Lips later, Billy and every other boy politically speaking, so I'm with you, but I'm not. Um, If there was ever a person to start a third party, it was probably Trump. And if he's decided he would be a much more value primary ng a bunch of these Republicans than you know, I got to go with him on that. I said it before. I supported him as you did all wait, Eo the end of this thing. The impeachment is a scan its political fear. I don't think there's anything in constitution. It even gets close. We're allowing you to impeach the private citizen. He's not an officer anymore where you impeaching him. There's only one reason Democrats are scared to death of Trump winning again because if they do they know he brings 75 million plus people with him. Andre was scared to death to deal with that. So at this point in time, that's not to say I wouldn't change my mind at some point, But at this point in time, I would say that Let's see if the Republican Party can be fixed because it certainly broken and if it can't if you simply can't get these do nothings in Washington. Get up off their ass and do something. Then I'd be open to it. The party, Larry. Very good call. Thank you. Aubrey in Dallas. Aubrey, How are you? Good. How are you? Good. So, um, I had called yesterday but I wanted to say something a little bit about the impeachment that they're trying to pull on on now, With what I guess. Now, private.

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