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Yeah take that al Sharpton what's this with always like he's by the helicopters always always yelling in these little impromptu yes yeah you can you can hear the helicopter you know he's on his way out of town and he just stands there and yells at your recordings of the reporters and then do we have the one this morning and the least racist person in the world complete extreme terms we're gonna play you now a new story from Baltimore now this is radio so what did you look at this time by the way did I did look at this video this is from W. B. B. F. T. V. in Baltimore and it's basically it's fox forty five it's the reporter going out there and seeing what the people think in a neighborhood called west Baltimore because it's one of the areas that trump was talking about that's got some pretty nasty conditions and at the end of the report well this the camera is panning on some trash on the ground sure enough as if on cue a rat scurries right on by it was fantastic I don't think they expected that and I don't like the reporter was doing her story and at the end you know how the camera will pan away and just show a scene from the background yeah and if it if the camera got focused on the ground where there was a bunch of trash and it's something right out of a hole in the fence twin rectus carries on but let's listen to this story from W. B. B. F. in Baltimore we spoke with a lot of people today who call sand town home and are deeply offended by the president's comments the first to tell you that yes this area has its fair share of problems and continues to struggle today with crime and poverty else in town of course is just one part of Elijah Cummings as seven to distract according to the latest data from the Baltimore city health department the family poverty rate here in sand town of Winchester.

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