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Welcome to the podcast entrepreneur perspectives building in protecting your business one podcast at a time. A casual family production. This podcast exists in large part because of calcium content marketing business inside cat sourcing. So what does calcium do, you know, how many business leaders need help communicating their story will that's what we do. Content creation and distribution for business leaders just provides opportunities relationships and a platform for you and your business. Why do we do this because a calcium we exist to help business leaders? Build a meaningful legacy that is worth living. An Levy learn more by visiting calcium dot com. In this episode. We discuss acting, overcoming mental obstacles and building a personal brand. Back back. Our guest today is Rodney Damon Collins actor motivational speaker and author after a long journey of giving back overseas. Rodney currently lives in Los Angeles, California, or he's growing his acting career. You could watch Rodney is doctor Watson on Amazon prime chosen kin origins. Rodney's examples of fighting through adversity having no excuses and putting in the work. We're on full display in our chat his success on and off the screen have a so excited to feature him on this podcast. And with so much talk about let's get right into this episode. And welcome Rodney Damon Collins. Rodney when I think of acting. I always think back to when the actor actress had this leap of faith to finally put themselves out there. When did you know that you wanted to be an actor? And can you take it back to the time that you finally put yourself out there and took that leap of faith? Yeah. Well known that wanted to be an actor ever since. I was a kid kind of like, I really enjoyed it. Even when I play with my friends, we would kind of get together. And I would almost do it like a production. I would tell my friends what role the player, and it was kind of weird. But I was kind of directed them. How we're gonna do the whole deal. I had even put TV commercials in our playtime. Fifth grade. Yeah, I had to start a lot of stuff came back to the as I started working more in the industry fulltime. I was like, wow, that's actually one. My love for the arts really started. Because you know, you watch TV, and it would just have such an impact on me that I wouldn't be able to let it go. Then when I was a senior in high school. That's when it really to bug hit me, we had a competition in high school called super fella is similar to like homecoming queens for the girls super fellows for the guys and you vote for like the top five and kind of popularity and stuff up seeing in class. And it was right around the time of the Hawkins dance. We used to do that. And they don't know bills anymore. Yeah. No one girl was with Assegai out. So right, do those. But in the process of running for the super we have to find ways to promote ourselves. So I wrote directed and cast my own skit. Yeah. And I did a spoof. I did a spoof off the our city or hall. Yeah. And it it was Larry. It's I still have old footage of it. I watch it every once in a while just to remind you just back, and yeah, it kind of takes me back. And it's like, wow. That's that helps me remember my wife, but then when I got to college, I was first generation college. So there was more pressure to, you know, pursue some things where you can actually get a solid start. So to say in life after college. So, you know, I didn't really pursue the arts much in college. I did a little bit. But there was pressure to go ahead and get a degree. That's going to allow me to get a very good job and coming back home from college. I can't come home and say, hey, mom, and dad, Yemen theater, major first generation, college or all this money. You spend you I'm going to Hollywood after that. So I, you know, took on, you know, a couple of different majors major deny critical science history. It's that kind of stuff which was cool. And but I still stayed involved with the arts, then after college, it was really cool 'cause I started getting involved with some the theater work in the Cleveland area. Because that's where I moved from from Cleveland, Ohio, and it was really cool. But as far as really deciding to make that full leap, it was right after my son and daughter started college, and I realized that I had done everything that I needed to do as other to help prepare them for the next phase. And I was like, okay, I'm still young enough still in decent shape. And you know, I started looking like looking at other guys not age. I was like who are still acting. I was like, you know, I can I can do this. So I received a job offer. To move out to Los Angeles for family. So I take take the job on it was you know, supposedly, I was supposed to be like some sports camps and help to some youth development because that's one of the things that specialized it. So we get out of here and certain things that were supposed to be in place not in place for the job. So you like, oh, no, okay. It's like I'm out here in Los Angeles. Starting this job looks like these are starting to kind of go south a little bit with the job. But then, hey, I'm in Los Angeles and wanted to be here for the longest this is where I need to come in order to start Mark career. This is where I need to come to to really getting recognition. So what I did is actually went and just did a little background work. Just to kinda get a feel for you know, what the LA scene is like, and before, you know, this just work on scandal. Grey's anatomy, a little bit just to kind of learn a little bit. And I met a producer. Produce onset who developed a really good friendship. And before you know, it he loved my story. Yeah. See my work in the past and get a call from him. And he offers me a role on a TV show. And I'm like, so he calls me this. I really like your story. And you know, he was like I was in the process of show that's going to go on Amazon. And I was like well these women the audition, you said, yeah. If you want to make it harder. It was like song Rodney because I want to offer you a role on this show. Still at the time. I took the role on the self. And from that point I decided that it's time to make a complete leap into the industry and for the past two and a half three years. That's what I've been doing the time. Wow. So I mean, there's so much the unpack there 'cause you're in Cleveland, and you know, you wanna be an actor like you had seen this long before. And then certain things happen. You have children like you said, and you're raising a family, and then you kind of use this as an opportunity to get out west to get to to get to the LA area. And you know, you get out there. And it's like, you kind of mentioned this in Euboea motivational ovation guy, y'all automatically right roadblock. Rohbock things aren't working out the way they're supposed to work out. And then you get opportunities. And then you get on you just like, you drop the name Grey's anatomy, when you say you were doing work for Grey's anatomy, or some of those other shows, which is kind of like, it seems to be this is my first break in this in the scene that I needed to get there, which then. Led to someone finding you and say I want to catch you on the show. But when like what type of work were you doing on these shows, and how did you get those parts to be a part of those shows. Okay. Basically, I started out. I tell anybody who wants to learn acting don't be too big to do background work because if you go with the right intentions to learn there's a whole lot of things that you can learn about production. Learn about filming learn about how the scenes have set up and learn about how you should approach seems. So I started out co background jobs in order to do that I registered with a company called central casting out here. And they're pretty big company. A lot of popular various actors once worked for central casting. Brad Pitt fifty Hatice there's a number of actors who took that route to start up. And what it does. It's you on the set. So I was able to pull up to ABC studios in my name. And I was listed as part of the back. Ground actors for the day. So that's how I was able to get in get on the shows. I actually had a chance to be featured on a couple of

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