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Will get a free trial pack that's get because dot com slash offer. It was my turn. 7 47. Technically, it's Brian calm, Stern. And okay, we have a sheriff could be off to jail. Yeah, we do. Charlie Reader was long time Sheriff and Pike County. He was in charge at the time of the rodent family murders investigating the Pike County massacre. It was not long after that case started to break that we learned that the sheriff himself was in trouble. He ended up being convicted on bribery charges tampering with evidence charges. The sentencing is set for 10 o'clock this morning, and Pike, Kelly and Charlie readers looking at nine years in prison Well now whether or not they actually want to send along a former law enforcement officer to prison, where he could run into many of the people that he put behind bars. Is another question that the judge will have to consider today. There are implications from this case down the road as well since the sheriff was the primary investigator. On the road of family murders when the Wagner family ends up going on trial for this, hey, probably won't testify or if he's called to testify for the defense certainly have a field day with his own felony record. I'm sure they have their share of witnesses. All goes back, he says to the stress that came on from investigating those murders. He had a gambling problem. And the money that he took was used to cover losses of Columbus casinos. I just don't know how people think they're gonna you can pull that off. There's an inventory you got caught. Coming up Our news eight o'clock We'll have more on an interesting story in the Enquirer expanding the pay for play allegations involving leaders of sin Today, City Hall. Those details. That ain't news Radio seven w W all right time for the tri Health medical minute. Brought to us by our friends, a try Health and Dr David fetches our doctor of the week. You might say the topic is gastroenterology asking today at what age should you go for your first colonoscopy? That's interesting that you asked that you know it is 50 currently, although the American Cancer Society recently decreased the age of 45. And part of that reason is that unfortunately, over the last two decades or so, we've seen the uptick and very early onset colorectal cancer and those over the age of 45 to 50. And unfortunately they present with quite advanced disease. If it's not caught early, So if you go at age 50, When are you expected to go back again? So it depends on your family history. Your personal history. Um in general for average risk patients of patients. I don't have a family history of colon cancer. And don't have a family history of some sort of genetic condition or family history of advanced.

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