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Eight forty W H A S. It's Tony Bonetti twice stealing Kabo. Janet Jackson is now in the rock and Roll Hall of fame in that is a joke that is not rock and roll. It is a great song. She's a great artist. She's one of the greatest music artist of all time part of one of the greatest families of all time, but doesn't belong in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. If you want to change it to the history of music hall of fame than she belongs. But as a former rock jock. It's it's it's BS is what it is. Okay. And I I'm so sick of these bands look radio heads a good band doesn't belong in the hall of fame rage against machine. Awesome band doesn't belong in rock and Roll Hall of fame a mentioning bands that are now in the rock and Roll Hall of fame, Stevie nicks awesome. Doesn't belong in the hall of fame as a single artist. She's already part of Fleetwood MAC, I'm reading from Yahoo sports. I think this is Dan Wetzel. He's reporting on the NC double as well. The I'm sorry the FBI investigation and testimony that happened today. His article reads. The headline is should Louisville. Get the death penalty. After the latest revelations in college hoops trial. You've else penalty included in two thousand seventeen vacating one hundred and twenty three victories a two thousand thirteen national title a five game suspension for head coach in four years of probation on August. Twenty third two thousand seventeen just nine weeks later Louisville socio head coach Kenny Jonsson parked his car in front of the Galt house the fame downtown hotel. That's where Brian Bowen senior the father of incoming cardinal five star freshman, Brian tugs Bowen was staying in a twenty three hundred dollars a month apartment. Bowen senior testified he climbed into Johnson's car and assistant coach handed him thirteen hundred dollars in cash. It's not good. As Nick coffee talk on seven ninety KRLD earlier today, they can separate this easily to the other schools and Louisville because when you're on probation. And you commit a level one violation. You are in trouble. Now, this isn't going to go down for years, the FBI has to figure out their stuff finish up what they have. And then turn their information over the the NCAA remember when the stripper gate happened. No one disputed the facts. And it took two years. You've L admitted Gary we did all that the only thing they argued as whether Rick knew about it. But they every detail they said, yeah. All that happened. So there was no disputing the facts. There was no trial and witnesses and all that. No one disputed the facts, and it still took two years. So I can't imagine this not going down for another four to five years before it goes down. We will see. All right, Leland Conway is texting me while I'm on the air. He says his interview today is gone viral. I heard that interview with rand Paul. He says Rampal warns of assassination peril after cavenaugh confirmation. I really worry. Someone who's going to get killed. I meant to call in to Leland's show. But I'll say it here. Yes. That's a real fear. And we know that as Americans because it happened in the nineteen sixties. I if I got to choose to live in any time in history. It would be right now. People forget how awful things have been in this world and in the history contemporary American history. In the nineteen sixties Americans actually used to kill their leaders. John F. Kennedy Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King mega Evers, Malcolm. X? The list goes on and on and on there used to be riots where they burned cities down to the ground whole parts of cities would burn to the ground protesting. While killing our leaders. And by the way, protesters used to get the crap beat out of him by Teamsters. Remember that one the construction teachers beating the crap out of the anti-vietnam war guys. Oh, yeah. It is not the worst time. We lived in our life, and yes, it's a difficult time. And it seems. But again, I tell you. The people that are emotionally caught up in all this. It's a small group. That is going to do this kind of stuff. It's a very very small group. But it's not because of the cavenaugh trial. Okay. And these times are much better than the nineteen sixties. Actually by a wide margin. Donovan you're on with Tony. What's up, buddy? Tony, I believe that. Oh about not wanting kids. Yeah. I think you can correlate almost every one of us comments with people that. We're in a large family, really large family. My my my in laws the same way, basically. Yeah. She was the oldest of her family like nine t h. Basically had to raise her siblings. So then burned out before she started her own life. She had three kids and she's getting divorced really early when my wife was like thirteen and just became she's been single ever since. She never went back. Well, earned out. Yeah. People people aren't having children. Okay. In the numbers are in. It's the lowest in thirty years the birth rate in America Molyneaux are not having children the people that are having children are women over thirty five. Later in life, if they're having them, and they're not having four and five have three siblings. So there were four of us. Those days are almost over. I mean, it is it's it's interesting to look at now, I agree with you the the groups that had multiple multiple kids. But the ones that were reading from also Donovan, I appreciate the call. Also our? Kids that are in their middle age that turned out to be crappy kids, basically. That their burden on their on their parents in middle age, and they don't show appreciation in some of these parents are saying I kind of regret having children. Also. There are some that say ones that get sick, or or have addictions that there is some real thought there before coming to their senses and say, no, I would love him. But y you know, they question it. Nine percent of deer. Annie's respondents said they regretted having children. So it's a really interesting topic. Let's go to Greg you're on with Tony. What's up? Hey, tony. I just wanted to say. Large families aren't fair, and I've got thirteen brothers and sisters that I love all of my parents do great work with that. Yes. I don't have any kids myself. It's tough afford either. My best friends now. And that's how old are you? Fifty five. Yes. See I I'm Greg. I'm with you. When I read the title, it says some readers regret having kids, I actually laughed out loud. And I said it didn't. And then so I read the article, right? So I laughed loud. And said, I don't know anybody that regrets having children, and until I read the article, and I don't I don't walk in you got to walk a mile in people's shoes. And some people don't have the same experience or they have hormones at our offer. Or you know, they have just find it find it so sad siblings that don't get along with each other. Well, being so short, our parents who are both gone now raised up to love each other carefree. Yeah, we fall when we were kids. Made some sacrifices, but a lot of good life lesson. Well, you know, what that's a whole different topic, which is siblings that don't communicate that is a whole new topic. And I'm interested in that. Also, I think we might do that one too because that would be because I think that is more prevalent than you think I think that happens more, especially when you get older. Some things that happened. When you grow up some people just hold grudges. He's never get over it. You're a jerk to me when I was a kid, and I'm choosing not to hang out with you the rest of my life. Or they show up once a year once every five years. Cheers. What's up chess work going on Mr. Bonetti a man this topic on the kid, man? You you you? You gotta hit that bail on that. But I'm gonna tell you something if it wasn't for my kid for my kid. You know, I never would have done half of the things. No. You know, what I'm just like you were saying your kid is more mature than you are done half of the things football basketball. Oh, yeah. Yep. But you know, I'm I'm kind of in the same boat as you I had I you know, I I got away later on in their life. And now, I'm back. You know what I'm saying? No. Yeah. I grew up with by kids. I grew up alongside my kids. I've always been a big kid rock DJ from a whole life. I mean, it's you know, one of the reasons I switched to sports radio. Cheers. And you know that was that. I was like I can't be in a bar at one o'clock in the morning. I gotta go. Do talk radio. Exactly, exactly. Tony. Lemme lemme say that man, you know, second time around what my wife. It's better, man. It's so much better. Yes. Yeah. It is. I appreciate the call. She has always loved cheers. When he shows up at at remotes in hanging out and MRs cheers to and they've had. You know, they've had their challenges just like all couples have. And kids are not the answer. Sometimes. Well, you know, part of this discussion to is how many times have you heard? Well, we'll have a kid that'll solve our problems that that's about necessarily true. But then sometimes it ends up being true kids are the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life. And it's the most rewarding. At least that's my story. Short break back after this NewsRadio eight forty W H A S just.

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