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The dragonflies massive gossamer wings buzzed with speed and they're, they're hanging. From the talents of harpies feet was the bomb. It was the size of an engine glowing brick red and held tight with winding Ivy. It's almost beautiful. Jill thought too bad. It has to be stopped. All right, mom. Jill said, I gotta drop you in the water for a second. I can't risk bringing you into the fight what? No. Sorry. Mom bombs away. Jill said slowing down to release her mother into the waves. She hit gently splashing into the chill waters of the Atlantic. A second later, the emergency pod Jill had stuck to her back inflated washing into a bobbing life ring. All right, Jill thought to herself time to earn this suit with a roar. She drove herself at heartbe letting loose a blast of energy from her fists. At the same time. The bird woman spiraled curving elegantly around the fire. She cried yet. The three peeled away in different directions. Spreading out in the sky, the firefly armor tagged them and indicated their flight paths. But Jill found it impossible to track them all at once. Come on, she roared twisting to keep harping in her sights. She lined up a shot and then WAM the night slammed has Lance into her side, making her shot go wild. She tore his helmet free and then sent him spinning a second later pursuits, temperature alarms, blared wildly. As she burst into flame. The burning brick was above her pouring flames down in Jill, knocked her away. But then Harvey was their talents punching forward driving madly for jill's heart. She got her arm up just in time, and the talents burst through her armor like it was paper. Jill felt stabs of pain through her bicep, hot and tight. Harpies face pushed in close as they flew. I- tougher than before then before you. Okay. Beating me firefly Jill flared her jets trying to burst free, but the night hit her again a moment later, the fire returned burning alarms, blaring flightpaths everywhere, highlighted motion and attack vectors. There was harping again, men more fire the Lance. They were everywhere. Jill couldn't get free. Jill spec said urgently. Your mom quick breaking into a desperate dive to buy herself. Some space. Jill looked and gasped. Her mother was there bobbing safely in the waves. But there was a huge shape approaching a Titanic shadow in the water, a hulking, shark fin broke the surface followed by a swarm of whipping tentacles. It was the mutant shark from the island closing fast. It was going to swallow mom hole, where's that cavalry specs on its way you got this Jill, Jill turn. Earned and dove for her mom as the shark closed in closer closer, the shark was moving like a missile knifing through the water with unnatural speed. I'm coming mom. Jill said the Dragonfly night came buzzing in from the side. Jill back, flipped around him, knocking the night off balance. The red flame was there to the Jill blasted her away with jet of Kreil coolant never pausing, never losing speed. She gritted her teeth. Nothing could stop her. Nothing the great, shark mouth yawned wide ocean. Water flooding in a rush. Mom was screaming, screaming and staring into the endless lack depths of the beast's mouth. Jill reached out blasting her jets at full speed. Her mom was endanger her mom was in danger and nothing could stop her the suit hummed with energy rattled with power, the shark closed in jail, closed in mom, was there almost almost Hoppy. Rush down from above. They collided and spun out of control talons and alloy gauntlets screaming against one another in a desperate struggle. Jill lost sight of her mother as the world narrow to nothing, but harpies face sky and ocean blurring to meld in the background. Let go Jill spat. Snarled heartbe together. They plunged into the sea to be continued. Today's story, the next installment of the brilliant firefly revolt was an original story written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you. Buy me Amanda. Weldon. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the brilliant firefly revolt, which will be posted next week. If you would like to support stories podcast and receive a thank you in a future episode, please visit patriot dot com slash stories and make a pledge men's in an E mail to Amanda at stories podcast dot com, and let us know who to think. And if you haven't already, please be sure to subscribe and give us a five star rating on itunes. Thanks for listening.

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