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So Jesus rose physically and it's important that we understand that in fact in Luke Chapter Twenty four after the resurrection versus thirty six to forty three three. Jesus appears to his apostles. They're tripping out there like I can't believe they're seeing Jesus he rose from the dead and they're thinking and they they get scared because it says that they thought they were seaney any spirit and it says he said this verse three six forty three he said why are you trouble and why did doubts. Arise Arts see my hands and my feet that is I myself touch and see touch me a C.. For Spirit says Jesus a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have and when he said this showed them his hands and his feet while they still could not believe it because of their joy amazement he said to them have anything to eat. They gave him a piece of Bro Fish and he took it and ate it before them. What do you think he took it? What do you think he ate because he was hungry as probably a little hungry? I don't doubt that. But guess he's got a resurrected body. I don't think they necessarily eat. But guess what he wants to let them know. Hey guess what. I'M GONNA resurrected human body and a member doubting Thomas After Twenty the gospel of John. I twenty six twenty eight. She's chosen stick his fingers into his wounds. And Thomas Falls down he says my Lord and my God literally the Lord of me and the God of all this is really really important guys understand We read about the physical resurrection over and over again. And to deny that it's a physical. Resurrection is to just deny very clear scriptures in Matthew Twenty seven fifty. I'm fifty three after. Jesus died for sins and he rose. We read it versus fifty one of fifty. Three bodies rose up from the tombs and went into the city and show themselves alive as evidence that Jesus was the Christ in fact it's interesting We can go on and on and on with those passages but I think one thing I want to point out to you guys is. There's passage after passage of scripture after scripture. That says when Jesus returns that our bodies will be like his well. We already song that Jesus rose again physically right where you saw that. He he rose again from the dead right. Well listen to what the scriptures say. We has a physical body. He said see my hands. See my feet. He he ate. Well guess what the Scriptures say that. You're going to be like his when he returns fact and I John Three two says beloved. Now we're the children of God and has not yet appeared as yet what we shall be we. We know that when he appears we shall be like him because we shall see him just as he is would be like him. He's got to resurrect physical body. Philippians three twenty-one says that WHO Christ Christ will transform our lowly body would transform our lowly by your physical body guys that may be conformed to his glorious body audie according to the working by which he is able to even do all things to himself and Romans Chapter Eight says that he will give life to our mortal bodies over over and over and over again. We see this these prophecies these scriptures of this physical resurrection that we're going to experience and our buys are going to be like the buys of the vital. Jesus this Christ. This is so important guys because wrong doctrine leads to wrong living and I wrote down a says actually their doctrine would spread like gangrene so upset the faith of some it says that it spread like cancer dependent translation the Net Bible and their their message will spread. It's affecting like gangrene. We'll guess what that doctors spreading today it's known as full predators. It's among the NAS sticks as well. The King James has in their message will spread like cancer the J. M. S. version. Joseph Michael Schimmel translation says quote the diabolical message will spread like a deadly flesh eating disease. That's what it basically saying. Guys guys stand fast and the truth stand against. He's false teaching stick with Jesus because stay away from You know what spend a Lotta time the word of God and test everything that we say because people are being led astray left and right and we always want to stand in the truth. Walk in the living the truth. We're looking forward to his return for the blessed hope of Lord. Jesus Christ where he's going to come every is going to see him when be caught up to beat in the air and will receive this glorious bodies that are made like on his glorious body. We hope to see you. Pray for those. People are teaching false teachings that they'd repent pray for those. We're listening any of them so that less people be lost and more people will see Jesus when he returns. We love you guys.

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