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Goddamn. Fucking Steve I dude, powerful, so good. So powerful. I'm good. Thank you. Dude, I went to concert with Cory. It was like generation axe. Just on a whim, right? Like he just called me, was like, yo, you should cover this concert with me because nobody else wants to. Everybody else, nobody else can. You know what? I was like, you know what? It's a free ticket, a free ride and free in a free drink ticket when we get there too. There's literally nothing for me to lose going up there. Fucking Steve I headlined. He was there. The guitarist from animals as leaders. Was there? The dude who played in Black Sabbath after Randy rhoads died was there? What? The guy, you know that song at plays in Bill & Ted when they're in the mall with all of the historical figures that do you wanna play that one? That guy, the guitarist, was there too. Right? So Zach, I think it's Zach wild is the guy who is from Black Sabbath. He starts doing war pigs, right? And was walking through the aisles just dude, I need fucking slay in this fucking solo to just all the way up and into the balcony. And then all of a sudden the spotlight turns on and fucking Steve is just sitting in the middle of the audience fucking guitar in hand and just starts fucking shredding right like perfectly along with him, dude. And then the rest of the stage lights up. And the kids from animals as leaders is fucking due. And his thing too, and it was like a symphony that I've never, it was fucking amazing, dude. Best, most impromptu concert I've ever been to in my life period ever. And you know what? I think this is the best, most impromptu podcast that you've ever listened to because this is fun and soul pies. And this is your weekly information dump your impromptu if you're coming here for your information you're probably in the wrong place. Are you done? No. The falsettos will continue. I think it's funny. Annoying. Not funny. For sure. Sounds like a stupid little doctor pepperman. It sounds like a small feeling. But let's be honest. If Evan was full gay, full gay, he would be a twink. There's no doubt about it. What are you talking about? Like Freddie Mercury twink level gay. Mustache and all. I had to buy a lot of wife beaters. Tosca. I get 12 pack of. Oh, I hate you. I damn it. That was funny. I was good. All right. Well, what are we talking about today guys? Because. That's just a solid question. I don't know either. Okay. So I mean, things are 100% in stone, but they are 95% stone that I'm going to be spending some time in Florida, helping those folks down there after this hurricane. We're going to be moving a whole bunch of equipment. We got a whole bunch of generators, a whole bunch of water. I mean, all sorts of stuff to go down there and basically help rebuild, so I mean, that sounds like what's going to be happening for me here in the next month or so. Good for you. Way to make a direct impact. It's going to be interesting. We'll see what happens. For sure. We're set up pretty good. I mean, that's what we've been doing. The past week or so they're leaving tomorrow morning. With the RV and a Taylor packed full of generators, water, all sorts of shit. They head down there. So my prediction is, right? You go down to Florida to help some folks out and stuff like that. You meet angel. A.m., right there. And then you never come back to Colorado Springs. I was going to hear. Because I'm really close to Sarasota. Which I know a few people there. But yeah, angel, mikaela, all them angel just gets over the whole height thing, which is the only thing from stopping her from. Right there, boom. I don't know if I was in some vodka, but I'm gonna do it. Fucking one night, I was supervisor for the night. And it was just me and her, you know, after a little while after we closed, and I don't know, I can't remember exactly what happened, but all I remember is she looked over me, she was like, oh, what do you mean? We could have been just like fucking in the back that whole time. And I was just like fuck. Yes. No, I do it. 100% of the time every time. All the time. Yeah. For sure. No, I mean, good for you. Good for you. That is actually really cool that that's what you are doing. I know it's going to be interesting. And we got a badass. I was just staying in. We got a couple jobs signed up to. Just figure out how people. So when exactly are you leaving? Listen two weeks within two weeks, for sure. Well, best of luck to you, see how this all seeks out. I should still be available via phone to do this. So, I mean, that's my hope I'd like to keep it rolling. I don't want to just completely go nav since or maybe even maybe I can take one of these and see if I can figure something out. I mean, I doubt it, but maybe no, no. Well, we have other mics. Yeah, I took a lesser mic. If you had a laptop and you got the right cord, you could have the balanced to a USB into a laptop, like that, and then you could use that at microphone. If we had the video figured out, we could just do it that way, but it would still be better quality with the mic. It is what it is. Oh yeah, in fact, so cell service down there is still a major problem as well. I guess sir, I was all sorts of troubles with that waters back on. But power looks like it could be upwards of three weeks or more. For

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