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I mean i'm not a fan of it but i understand why they did it dave gettleman last year pick christian mccaffrey eight he'd strongly strongly believes in traditional football and a strong running game and i think he also feels like with the weapons that they have a healthy odell beckham sterling shepherd one of the best young tight ends in football in evan ingraham that that's going to mask whatever the issues have been with ally manning and that he like manning who now will be a complimentary player and not a guy who's got a beat the new england patriots in the super bowl necessarily i think he believes that that they're going to have a better chance to be a much better all around offense and think of it this team hasn't had a great running back since tiki barber and so i just think that for the dave gettleman way of building a team this pick made the most sense your head scratcher whatever round it was oh i think the head scratcher probably more than anything else was josh jackson go into the second round in green bay i know that sounds weird of for being a head scratcher but he's such a good playmaker he's i think he's richard sherman two point oh i don't know if he'll be as good in the nfl but he's a slower guys a four five corner but who's got a great nose for the football and i think he's going to be a very good nfl corner the other thing was i thought areas zona did a great not a good but a great job in moving from fifteen to ten for quarterback and not giving up either next year's one or a second round pick they traded three and a five and i think that was a really good move on their part and you know oakland probably had no other significant offer and i believe after oakland lost mike mcglinchey to the san francisco forty niners that it may.

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