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In figures to be one eventful series when it comes to the offenses to dynamic offenses scoring off tonight reno is second in the league in runs scored sky sox her third reno is third in hitting sky sox r v i sox do have the fifthbest era in the league they're hoping that factors into here's christian walker wanted a top players in the league and allstar this year takes low righthanded batter walker having a huge year he's a a veteran guy walker is 26 so not all that veteran but he's men with couple of organisations walker hitting three o' six on the year he's leading the league in numerous categories offensively pitch inside bowl tutu ano walker is second in home runs with 22 leads the league with eighty nine runs batted in also leads the league in runs scored a total bases an extrabase hits east tied for third in doubles so he is a guy that the sky sox have to pay attention to in this line of the 200 pitch to the righthanded batter is inside both three and you can see right away the sky sox game plan of attacking walker inside the acting manager for the aces is the hitting coach gregg gross jerry narron was slated to manage this team but he was called up to the big leagues one of the coaches up there hand to lead the team he diagnosed with prostate cancer throat a first runner back in and nerine went on to fill in for him and turns out he staying up there is a big league coach which is inside both four that's a fourpage walk to walker no plan insanity so too on one out and jeremy hazel baker are pregame guest is stepping up so roses the manager the acting manager for this team has been since day one god mike lansing coaching at third base the former iraqi.

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