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The fat eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six couple of inches. NFL free agent signings. I know the dust is settled and a lot of the big names have found homes, but von taste perfect gets released. What a day go by the Cincinnati Bengals than China handicapped. What team he's going to end up on one of the thirties players in the league very talented linebacker, but a guy who said his issues with thirty two guys that is off the field and perfect finds his way to the Oakland Raiders, how apropos the raiders having a very? Al Davis old school like off season. They bring in disgruntled and very talented Antonio Brown. Now, they bringing Advantest Burfoot. Remember Burford had that nasty hit on a in a playoff game against the Steelers a couple of years ago. Sure is going to be all combine those two when they see each other for the first time, I'm sure they're gonna love the fact that they're on each other's teams. But still he goes sometimes in the NFL the raiders they're going to be interesting. How are you going to be? I mean, I think that remains to be seen. But they'll be interesting, and then you had the gratin signed Matt's. He's very under the radar move. And I like it from Iran's perspective because they're looking to get after the quarterback Aaron Dahlem. You bring back Fowler. Donald fowler. Matthews. That's quarterbacks. Eight seven seven hundred thirty seven sixty six sixty six let's head to Brooklyn. Bobby up next. He's out of foul about wanting John. How you doing Bobby, man? What's happening, brother? Not so much quick comment on the first part of your research the Yankees. Okay. Because hop of silly facing the silly. How would you wouldn't fit? He's methodist. Is basketball still he must be the station. So they have the two of them. Then maybe wouldn't really be what he wants us. Now, he's out in California. In fact, he's going to be there for the duration faces team. You know, like I say like you said it's good for baseball. Yeah. It's an interesting. Listen. Yeah. Different fog would have been the first got shoes Philadelphia. Because of the fact that trout has these ties to millville New Jersey. And because of the fact that we're seeing my chatted a Super Bowl rooting for the eagles. And he's on the field during other games rooting for the eagles. He would have been somebody that was embraced by that town. And I don't know why my child decided to stay in Anaheim. I'm sure four hundred million dollars is a nice place to start. I don't know if it's the idea of being the face of the franchise and knowing Philadelphia is well as by Trump knows Philadelphia. Maybe he said, you know, they're born people off the field. You know, it's a harsh city. They're gonna come down on me. And maybe I don't want to deal with that pressure and deal with that stress. All in all I think it's a good thing for the sport. Trout now from start to finish with no up down. This contract is going to be a lifelong angel. And when he's in Cooper's down one day, he's going to be known as an angel. Good thing for the sport. Definitely. Okay. Thank you point. Listen. Thank you. But they've done enough already have enough bullpen guys. Three bullpens basically, get some other teams, and whatever happens is going to happen. You can't predict injury. The season teams have injuries down the road. Just sorta hit the Yankee who spring training. Hopefully, I won't be serious. But let's play with whatever they have to do anything else. I mean Yankees will be fun. And I appreciate calls. Always the Yankees have built the roster. That's got versatility got a whole lot of talented players sports. Your number one goal in spring training, come out unscathed. They haven't. Severino Hicks Sobat now where you want to start the year say the Dumont PJ's up next. He's done. A foul is up PJ. ESPN jarash before I make my Yankee point. I smart say we have a mutual friend. I worked with a guy. Scott Spinelli overrun MLB network. Lawrence guy, San Antonio Spurs fan. Syracuse guy, Scott his class. So send him my best next. I will great guy. You know? He always said, you're the same guy on air as you are all I I love to hear stuff like that. Well, listen, I could tell you there's some persona that there's some stick that. When I get off the air. I'm an entirely different person. I wish I was that cool. I wish I could flip the switch that easily PJ, unfortunately for better or worse. What you get behind a microphone is what you're getting at the sports book Atlantic City. It's sale lots of Staten Island, New York. It is what it is brother. What can I tell you? I'm sure a few more equitable sportsbook that on WFAN. Yes, I have to keep it coach shaft to keep it clean. When I'm you know, doing a radio show. Say you let them fly. Anyway, I to my Yankee point, I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I can't seem to quit Greg bird every spring training like in Gideon, I fall in love with that left handed swing again. How do you see the situation playing out? I you going to be the opening day first baseman because void set a very good spring. Voight was great for the final two months of the year. And I think the Yankees believe that there had Olympics people found something, and I understand why you're a sucker for that. Greg bird swing because guess what? PG I was to go back to the postseason in two thousand seventeen. Greg bird was their best hitter in the lineup that had judge and Sanchez and Didi great bird was the best hitter in the series against Cleveland a series against the Astros, and I'm wondering with the air and Hick's century. Is there a chance potentially have and bird on the roster? Knowing you could take Giancarlo Stanton them out in left field. I'm hoping that's how it shakes out. Like you said in twice seventeen homerun off Miller. So you know, when you see them turn around ninety seven like that. But then, you know, every every April we can't seem to get around on eighty nine. It's it's mind blowing. Yeah. Last year was frustrating. Listen PG. I appreciate the call bird that himself. Absolutely, no favours with his comments. I'm gonna have thousands of more bad, son. Think it's much of a big deal that I'm struggling that's not going to sit well with the Yankee fan, and I think when you valuate first base right now. The Yankee fan is going to be in the corner. I think of look void get. It is this larger than life figure this incredible. Hulk got the muscles popping out of his shirt waving on the crowd last year became a fan favourite, very likeable guys who come out of nowhere perform and have personality always gonna play while on this stop it. Don't play while in any town bird had expectations bird fell flat on his face. Burke, turn that around pretty quickly. Greg bird finds his way on the opening day roster and he's raking from April or March on. The Anki fan will pull last year and rear view mirror. Stowaway sports works. Same for Giancarlo Stanton. Now Stanton book that flop and regular season. It was finding the regular season. But those big bads were striking out runners on base or the poor performance last year and a postseason where the moment appear too big for him. It absolutely did. He can turn that around pretty quick with Bill. But I wonder if the door's open now for opening day. Void the H at first base break. Stick him in centerfield and Stanton is out in left. The one thing I want to see this year. John Carlos Stanton. You'll get more refs in the outfield. He's not a butcher out there. He could play the position it gives you versatility. Will may you to whiskey for the time being and maybe keeping to first baseman on this team? I wanna see that D H freed up a little bit. I don't want brick going to get five hundred fifty at bats. Standpoint in left field. I'm sorry. It's not the worst idea in the world. I shall really really fun show. My thanks to Mike fliegelman on the other side despite the early technical difficulties with the phone egg. No harm no foul. I feel like it's an old school show. Feel like I'm back in eighty nine in college. So go work, Mike everybody, I will be back Montana's same time same place. We will unveil the JJ bracket the field of sixty four. I'm looking forward to that. We'll have a recap of Saint John's alum Jerry coming up boomer and.

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