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Welcome back to the studio. It's always a pleasure so we had a lot of fun the other day in we. Yeah not only did we get to attend and a event at Ford. We got to test out the new jolly pumpkin concept longboard. Yeah and you know and one of the things I like about that one. Two Punch of that night is that it's really clear to me. That Dearborn is starting to develop a downtown that is really walkable and enjoyable. Today I was having always had things. They've always had great food in Dearborn Dearborn so many like fun culinary things to go for but I really liked it. They're getting together like this kind of walkable district. Yeah part of that is this new wagner place that houses houses Ford and will eventually house. I believe seven restaurants. Yeah it's part of their whole like Ford land thing that they're doing and if this is the kind of stuff that is we're going to see in Cork Orc town as Ford's doing more investments. I'm actually kind of excited. 'cause you know that dense walkable thing I mean that's what we're supposed to have cities absolutely all right. So let's talk about out the bell of the ball the darling of this episode longboard now. This is a concept by jolly. Pumpkin and I would say randy in general like I've always he's had really good experiences. There enjoy Jolly Pumpkin. I used to work in Ann Arbor and would go to the downtown in Arbor Jolly Pumpkin frequently and one of the things about jolly. Pumpkin is that it is much more of like a group of concepts as opposed to one concept. You know like you think about a chain. This isn't necessarily a chain. But like you think about something to me like an applebees or whatever. They're all the same but with Jolly Pumpkin. There are elements that are shared. But each place seems to have its own. Identity is completely unique meek They'll have the truffle fries of course but the you know in Arbor has muscles on the menu. Oh Wow that's interesting. You know my experiences more with if the midtown place and I feel like there's a lot more pizza and things there but Dearborn let's talk about this place. It just opened like less than a month ago or about a month ago and and I mean some of the first impressions. We walked in the door. This place is big. It's huge. Yeah I was definitely impressed by the size of the place and how how open it it is even though they have all of those decorations up well and they have all of those decorations. So the thing about this one is that it's a tiki theme. If you go to jolly pumpkins you usually see things that I'd say like a low high or whatever like science but this one's definitely much more like like hands deep into the TIKI thing. Yeah they definitely take the team and run with it They've got a bunch of fund tiki pattern booth seats They've got long boards surfboards hanging from the ceilings. There's a bamboo and places some Polynesian art art so they definitely embraced the here. Why you'd be excited because I know that you sir are a regular at Tiki bars? I am I am indeed. I spend a lotta time at lost river. Long doesn't quite go as extreme as a full-on to Hiebert but it's definitely a tiki themed place. Now my question is is like at least for me I kind of enjoy the TIKI. I think they could have gone even farther absolutely there. There's a long way they could have gone but it's a good a on ramp to Tiki. Let's call it a Tiki onramp. Although there were some really nice details details like you were talking about before we got on the air. Here about these These booths Yay and I thought it was interesting. You pulled out like a very specific thing. Yeah so each the booths are you know there's a couple of different patterns. They use for the cushions on the booths a vibrant colors with teams. Hotson things like that so one one of the things I think people might not realize about the longboard is that you know you look at the sign and you look at the marketing. They say Pacific plates pores the Longboard by Jolly Pumpkin. But nowhere in there really. Does it talks about the fact that this is actually a tasting room randy right so that means they can only serve their own products their own beers and their own spirits In addition to the Jolly Kelly Pumpkin and North Peak Beers they have civilized and old mission spirits. What does that mean? From a mixologist. Point of view helped me out because although I enjoy enjoy good tiki drink and I make a few things like boulevard which is not take you drink but like I am not as versed as you. So for example. Rum's there are dozens of with different rooms that you would find it a Tiki bar. But they is more than Bacardi in the world absolutely and even different styles of Rum's but because they they can only serve their own spirits. I saw only to listen to something that you said rum and spiced rum. So I'm not sure if those were two different like the acme round like I'm not sure I'm assuming that would probably be a silver rum. And then the spice realm is probably something with some color. In addition to the spice but you know tiki drinks also call for Agricole Rum's or Jamaican Rum's pot still coffee still different types of rum made different ways throughout the world. One of the drinks I really enjoyed me personally. I'm one of those crazy people who is a gin fan and there was a drink called the Eddie that I enjoyed a lot and I found out later. This kind of a twist on a classic T.. He drank the Saturn. Yes so the Saturn is a classic smugglers cove tiki drink smugglers. Okay so help me out. What does that mean? Smugglers cove is one of the the og tiki concepts. Okay okay they put a nice twist on and the Eddie by infusing Jin with fiscus flowers. Oh wow see that's maybe why liked it so much like even when I go to like some coffee shops or whatever and get like high Bisconti or things like that. I'm Joe I'm always a fan of it. Yeah IT'S A. It's a great flavor. A nice listen tart bright pink colors and so the high biscuits was kind of like the difference maker in that right like this is the passion fruit passion. Fruit flirt him or shot it in lemon juice the hibiscus is definitely. What makes it the Eddie from the center right and they have draft cocktails and things like that but I I think for me anyway? The Eddie was the one that I like walked away with it. I was really really happy with of the of the drinks. We tried that night. I would have to agree with that. The Eddie was my favorite too well and so the other thing about Jolly Pumpkin can is that they're really into beer and sour beer and I know you're a fan of sour beer. Can you kind of talk about what Sour Beers for the uninitiated and like why you like it so much usually usually when you think of beer you think of something that's hoppy or bitter sour beer is usually fermented by a couple of different types of bacteria So it really has this like warhead warhead. Pucker your cheeks tartness to it. Okay and that just gives it a whole different flavor profile absolutely opposite end of the spectrum sour to bitter completely different and syringe in the Pantheon of Sour Beers how does jolly pumpkin stack up a jolly good a lot of good flavors A lot of unique blends that they come up with so pretty stock solid sour beer and we try to few of them. Were there any of the ones that specifically you liked or were you just kind of in Sour beer heaven. They had a variation of their own order. CALABASA which is go to the Pumpkin With blackberry and lime okay. The black. Mary didn't add sweetness to it. You could really taste the dry just black berry. Sorry flavor well and being taproom they serve out interesting stuff they also have a Holiday beer yeah. That was good to those a little a little little strong little potent but I mean I do. I mean I was just recently at borough face all now like Oh eight point six. The nine I'm I'm in So yeah maybe you limit yourself to two of those. Yeah get yourself or call an uber. Absolutely all right so moving on because there is just so much to you cover with this place. 'cause they've got food too. Yeah they do a couple of unique things and I guess like I said all of the Jolly Pumpkins have their unique takes but They do like Polka bowls. Goals and I had a rap. Okay the flavors of that were were pretty good actually ahead a macadamia nuts and avocado Spicy sauce it was pretty good. Yeah the one thing I would look at is like I feel like it was definitely kind of strong on the flavors with the tuna. They you know just kind of tweak the balance on that a little bit. It's really good. The the tuna got kind of lost amongst those other strong flavor so just a some growing pains. Yeah Yeah like these are minor nitpicks. This is a really good dish one and I really enjoyed. I never knew that I would like pickled grapes. I had no idea that a that. That was thing and be that I would like them so much. Yeah let's Certainly unique ingredients on their Vegan TACO. And that's the other thing is so I am a An unabashed meter. I tried Vegan. tacos I was in honor of our co host Fen. Who couldn't make it to the event who's always into the I would I should say the healthier sides of things and you know what they executed it really? Well I think what I like about it is. I'm big into if you're GONNA do vegetarian or Vegan food it really tastes like what it what it is and they they did a really nice job with the flavor balance and everything on that and then Cheyenne was also with this. She had the chicken sandwich which is a jolly pumpkin staple as well. Yeah we tried all these. It was on the menu here too. So you know if you've been to another jolly pumpkin and want to stay in a comfort zone than you know the truffle fries. Chicken Sandwich when one thing about that chicken sandwich I thought and and I had forgotten about this is I think it's actually a Saracho infused Bun yes. That was a interesting experience interesting. I enjoyed I personally. Liked it a lot. Well you know I think this is a nice addition to downtown Dearborn Michigan and Oakwood corridor corridor is seeing a lot and you know your closest stuff you could stop by this place like on the way to Greenfield village on four. Yep and then there's just like Dearborn Dearborn got a just a a bunch of interesting things and if you're not feeling like you're Middle Eastern food when you head out that way or you're going through downtown Dearborn I mean I say thumbs up on in this place I do too yeah. I'll definitely visit with friends when I'm in the area all right. We'll have linked tune in the show notes and Randy. Thanks so much for coming on another culinary adventure my pleasure pleasure.

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