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It is time now for bob and sherry's true crime time and we're going to take a look at Linda kasabian, who was the Manson Family member who was the lookout. Now, we take for granted some of us that everybody knows the Manson Family murder story. But a lot of folks don't. They hear the name Charles Manson or Manson, and they kind of know, but not really. So let me give you the cliff notes because this woman has just passed away and it's in the news once again. And that way the next time somebody brings up Manson, you know what they're talking about. This is from U.S. news and World Report. I doubt we would have convicted Manson without her, the prosecutor said, referring to the cult leader Charles Manson. Linda kasabian, I Manson Family cult member who testified against leader Charles Manson died in a hospital in Tacoma, Washington. You can see being died on January 21st, no cause was given, according to the Los Angeles Times. A death notice in the Tacoma news tribune referred to her as Linda chio Chico's, one of the names that she used after turning star witness to help convict Manson and three of his followers for the notorious 1969 murders in Los Angeles. Kasabian worked as the lookout. She served as the lookout for the killings, masterminded by Manson, but she did not participate in the actual homicides. On the night, Manson directed his minions to slaughter pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others at a home in Benedict canyon, kasabian waited in the car. On the following night, she was joined by Manson who entered the home of a wealthy family grocer's Leo and rosemary LaBianca. Tied them up and then he left with kasabian before the followers fatally stabbed the couple. Kasabian, who was eventually granted immunity, said in court that Manson bound the LaBianca and ordered his followers to stab them. Quote, I doubt we would have convicted Manson without her prosecutor Vincent Paul. How does this name pronounce? I know you've read. Bugliosi. You told the observer. She stood in the witness box for 17 or 18 days and never broke down despite the incredible pressure she was under. Manson and his crew were condemned to death, but the sentences were modified to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty. Manson died in 2017. Kasabian, who was born Linda dro Ewan dro Ewan, was born in Maine of all places lived in Washington state after his stint at her mother's home in New Hampshire. Listen to this quote and this is the end of this story. I could never accept the fact that I was not punished for my involvement. I felt then what I feel now always and forever that it was a waste of life that it had no reason and no rhyme. What must it hit? Oh, by the way, Manson never actually did any of the physical killings. He had these girls do it. He left before it happened. And by the way, he was a white supremacist, suprematist. Oh my gosh. The whole man something. I don't think if I had another hundred years to study it, that I would ever really be able to make sense of the hold that he had on those, those girls who grew up to be women and then old women. Interesting that she says that she never got over not being punished. I thought that was the most interesting part of this story in U.S. news and World Report. Let me read it again. I could never accept the fact that I was not punished for my involvement. To carry that for what would it be? 55 years, something like that. Probably thinking about that every day. That must have been torture. No, I'm not saying she didn't deserve it, but that must have been torture. You know what I wonder if punishment would have made any difference? Would you ever be able to make peace with that? Would you would you be able to rationalize like, well, I did it an evil and wrong and terrible thing. And people died senselessly. But I did go to prison for a while, and so now I can move on. How would that work inside your head? I don't know that max. Max. Well, it's interesting to say that because I wonder if she, if she could take any solace in the fact that she was the prosecution witness that helped put him away and perhaps the others too, but she was mainly responsible for putting him away, whether there was any part of her that said that that made it at least a little bit better in her own mind. But it also lets you know something. She's not a she's not a psychopath. She's not a sociopath. Right. You know? Because she got caught up in that whole thing. I mean, it was a crazy time. And that's not an excuse, but it was a crazy time. And Los Angeles, and boy, they felt, you know, those girls who were not moored. They found this guy who in some way was charismatic. And all of a sudden they're doing things that they had to at their core knew was evil. I know a lot about this because when I was in middle school, I was reading helter skelter. Really? Yes. Really? I was the only kid that was. I can tell you. Yeah, so she's gone. She has gone and he is gone. And I don't think if you've ever seen his face, especially in prison with the homemade tattoo of a swatch sticker between his eyes. Just those dead eyes and that swatch the gun just the evil human being. This is bob and sherry. Come on down to the bob and sherry store with all kinds of great merchandise. Color make curious. Including the bobbin cherry coloring book, a coloring book for exhausted adults. You know what? I'm exhausted. You exhaust me. Color your stress away. 50 fun images with lots of snarky slogans. That's correct. Order them for your Friends and neighbors makes a great gift for mom on Mother's Day. That's music to a mother's ears. Or anytime. Or anytime. Get it today. Just hit the shop tab at bob and sherry dot com. Sign up for our newsletter, we never spam you. Never did get bob and sherry exclusives just go to bob and sherry

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