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Was gonna be her and the honey was like you. Look at at chris's mullet and moustache. I need that need that in my life back in the day. You didn't actually have a little bit. But i had. I had a hilarious haircut. And i had this haircut trying to be funny and and in the beginning when we first started dating larne would never say anything to me about like she. Just let it go. And then as we started you know made it official icon stuff. She was like okay. Time for a new haircut. Like no just like maybe maybe we should try something different. I mean it's okay. I i honestly had to have a full on intervention with andrew. At one point chris. I had run that rock. The we did not date when he had dreadlocks. We were not not says. I look good no. He didn't tear had longer hair to. That's when i had of intervention went from like cute long di hair to like a creepy long. When you're walking through the airport you see like a six year old. Do with a ponytail. He's balding that. I was on the fast track of that it was. It wasn't like this. Oh that's that's beautiful on hand. Of course. I said something to him for months and he thought i was just being like a nagging wife and then he now looks back at pictures and he's like why would you ever let me go my hair out that long i was like. Are you kidding me. I'm curious has lorne your experience on reality. Tv like grown or diminished. The desire to share your life publicly and chris. I don't know how like when sean i met. I was a college student plan. Football so like the whole social media realm and like doing interviews and being on. Tv was not my vibe but kind of just came with the territory. So can i add to that too. How does that work with your career. Chris because i feel like as a musician you get to choose what you put out there whereas reality. Tv is more of you. Share it all quote unquote. So how is that balance. Been for you guys finding that. Yeah i mean honestly it's true. I think I guess i'll speak on my end to things. I was like super uncomfortable at first especially right after the show it was. It took years to adjust Roaming private person to the criticism in kind of like the bullying place to going public freya. Kat i mean it was definitely not easy throughout when you know. Things are personal to you but i feel like now. I'm more comfortable. And i think i've found a balance of what works for me and When i need to step back in like take time you just one on vacation for instance and i was not really on social media at all especially for the first couple days like didn't even have my phone so finding that balance And i do. There are things that i want to share. And i get excited to share. Obviously one being a recent pregnancy and stuff like that but I think it's just about finding that balance in just kind of creating that new normal and it was not normal from yet i but now it canada's feels normal ish. Yeah i have to say to you know from my perspective i mean. I'm sort of private person but yeah i choose what i put out there in for me when i when i first met lorne now that we're married stuff. I've shared a lot of our relationship just through social media but a lot of it is. Because i want people people don't get to see the side of lauren that i see on a daily basis. And how goofy crazy and funny she is in so i have. I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos that she would probably never let me share share. At some point. There are so funny. And i feel like i want people to see that side of her that i get to see every single day so if i'm bits and pieces that a absolutely murder me if i do share you experienced kind of wins the bachelor world when we first started dating life the criticism that comes with it is like a really big circle like a big thing and i feel like i remember you telling me. Can you remember what exactly it was. Kind of upsets article was written. That wasn't really accurate Anyway but yet just kinda like skin. I was curious chris. I feel like the bachelor world is kind of a lot of the people stick to dating other people from have been on the show. Lauren like you kind of know how that whole thing works. If not getting engaged whoever they got engaged on the show how how was it for you to step into that world like have. Has there been some interesting like effects of of that chris. You did it ever actually north ever asked you never bothered each knew that a certain tapper. My life was very public. I mean honestly not truly cared. Once i fell in love with our i think in the beginning our first started dating a. I think we were both trying to run from each other. Because i'll quite honest with you. I've told her this million hands. But i did not want to. I did not want to settle down. I wanted to just live my life. And i was completely content and happy with with the way things were going but there was just something about her that i could not not call her on the fall on couldn't not texture or facetime or all that kind of stuff and then The more we hung out more. I was like oh my gosh. This is it. I'm a donor. Sounds like true. Love that. I got that really say because i think that's really cool. I think a lot of people try to run from the lies that they don't feel like they need or want and keep like we'll fall into which like really a sweet story actually used to pray soon why i ask the lord. I want it for me if you want that for me but at this point my life. Please don't send that to me..

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