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His i got to believe you got to be close to not wanting to root for them well i mean the heart does with the heart does so i'll never not they're never nappy my favorite team now never not have at like an an emotional connection to them i'm pretty close to two two two napping invested because i'll be honest it started with the troll smith thing that that's when i started like if i was like up if we were married that's when the i started looking around at other women at other wilder teams other women other teams other guys whatever you weren't however you want to you know okay mix it up because of the pain home so e i'm always going to root for the knicks but as a fan of the support like i got i got a lot of flack because i was really really really pushing and rooting for golden state to win as if the season and at being a fan of basketball ends win the nick stop playing which is always going to be earlier than most teams so so that being said i mean i don't think i'll ever not fill always your favorite team i grew up here right here manhattan you can't take that away what would you say if phil jackson wanted right now i would say that the the biggest thing with the phil fill jack stick from me he's the public disrespect of carmelo whether he's right whether he's wrong whether carmelo hold for the poll to all whether he's not the store that they're paying him to be the public disrespect the the the the tweeting what what what could it have a conversation with him you don't need to air him out if caramels florida's the player who doesn't mean anything and also where were you when dirk rose disappeared and where were you during the oakland situation we wanted to hear from you we don't we didn't we didn't want to hear from james dole we want to hear from you hear phil jackson are you aware what you mean tusk are you aware how you can sort of.

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