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Police are looking for additional victims after arresting event who investigators say violated three developmentally disabled women KNX ten seventy Cooper Rummell has a live report from Costa Mesa. The man is accused of sexually assaulting the women while providing massage service at their homes, even though he's not licensed he was taken into custody late last week. He did post bail. So he's out on bail Roxy, Fiat with Costa, Mesa PD says detectives are still trying to build their case against the man before handing it over to prosecutors. We're hoping that whoever sees picture recognizes him they contact our detectives if they believe they were victim or have any additional information. She says detectives biggest concern right now is the fact that man also worked as a rideshare driver. She says that means he had access to a lot of people who may have also been violated reporting live in code. Costa Mesa Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio pushes to reform prop thirteen and its legacy are gaining momentum across California. Some Democrats are now calling for changes to the state's tax structure, especially now that the party has a super majority in the assembly and Senate, but president John Paul of the Howard Jarvis taxpayers association tells KNX prop thirteen is still very popular the highest income tax rate in American also the highest sales tax state sales tax rate in America and prop thirteen is at least moderated the increases in property taxes here in the state the league of women voters of California says it's gathered enough signatures for a twenty twenty ballot measure that would reassess a large businesses property every three years, which means it would pay more property taxes. USC study says that would raise eleven billion dollars in tax revenue.

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