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The mountains had been blanketed with new snow this weekend Colorado ski areas could not be happier steamboat monarch could copper got twelve to fourteen inches of new snow Silverton is buried in twenty five inches of fresh powder tell you ride get thirteen inches say twenty inches fell at aspen Snowmass this week and where are you were rocking in nineteen eighty nine to Neil Young is now a US citizen the Canadian rocker made the announcement on his website young it been trying for months to obtain dual citizenship and explain to his fans that the process was delayed because of the good moral character provision on the immigration application after young admitted to smoking marijuana our next update at ten hi Jody Jordan on KO eight eight fifty eight AM and ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado still quite driver on the metro area I twenty five still looking great running freely oven Thorton down to the tech center we are seeing some slowing on he's bound I seventy between Central Park Boulevard two two five that's continuing construction through there so it'll take you a minute or two to get past that also seeing some problems on east bound to seventy making your way on the eastbound I. seventy again due to construction one off freeway problem on Central Park Boulevard right at I. seventy so be aware of that everything else so is in great shape no problems on two to five or six Avenue or I seventy six Bucks a twenty point whether tonight drying cloudy low twenty five tomorrow cloudy mild high of fifty five currently thirty seven degrees their coupling Kaley customers using natural gas can save up to hundreds of dollars per year and that natural gas costs less to operate than electricity oil and propane home with natural gas appliances is more efficient and more comfortable.

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