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And affiliates do you ever jaylen for singing overdrive magazine and red eye radio or looking for truckers to enter the fifth annual trucker talent search singing contest visit trucker talent search dot com where you can enter by filling out a form and entering a youtube link to a video of you singing the video can be shot with a smartphone with or without accompaniment three finalists compete for a thousand dollar cash prize at the great american trucking joe and august submissions close may i so be certified visit trucker talent search dot com and enter today find out are your favorite talk show is on that w tma dot com now more red eye radio on wgm while loosening browser website at redeyeradioshow dot com now gary and eric and he is eric harley and i'm gary mcnamara eight six six ninety redeye so at you know when when to get back to the thing that we were just talking about which is you know where where we're going with the the paul ryan resignation i don't know i can't tell you exactly and and i've said this before and we've talked about the fact that while we don't make predictions and thanks to the people who saved for two guys who don't make predictions you often predict right we do appreciate that but that's not our intent things are very predictable but but we're we're the we're the democrat party is going you know we you know we don't know that that is still to be seen where the republican party will go from this point whether you know kevin mccarthy becomes speaker or house minority leader or scully speak you know does you know you know we will we will see see scully's would show that there is definitely a conservative bent in congress that that believes that we.

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