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A cumulus the chief of staff says he staying the fires raged john i'm richard johnson white house chief of staff john kelly as in the briefing room at this moment he took to the podium to address recent reports that he is frustrated with his boss i am not so frustrated in this job that thinking of leaving kelly tells reporters this he is the hardest job he's ever had and the most important but kelly says he is not quitting and he is not being fired president trump signed an executive order aimed at boosting competition and helping people get cheaper healthcare correspondent sara murray is at the white house i am not so frustrate rated in this job part of what he wants to do with government agencies study how to make it easier for small businesses maybe even individuals to buy their own healthcare potentially across state lines he also wants to make it possible for people to buy shorter term brands house speaker nancy pelosi calls the order a sabotage of the affordable care act saying it will mean higher premiums for older sicker americans as younger more healthy people pull out of state exchanges house speaker paul ryan who is traveling to puerto rico tomorrow says the government needs to ensure that the island can stand on its own two feet which means help from poll from washington ryan spoke after president trump tweeted the federal oh role in helping puerto rico will not be unlimited progress and setbacks in the battles against all those wildfires in northern california we still have a fire growth on some of our fire in different directions on we have read this continuing multiple areas into structures napa county fire chief berry bearman in so noma county the sheriff confirms and other death that brings the statewide toll to at least twenty three and nearly three hundred people remain missing on wall street seats turning into a down day the dow is down about seventeen points s p down one while the nasdaq is.

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