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Move someone being so rude don't be fake about it but try to kindness this guy struggling he has a drinking problem his family money's probably an issue you know he's got a kid anyone who has a kid unless you're making bank it's trying to try time i would think like try to be understanding this situation and you don't feel sorry for him and don't get to engage he's very dull jd as well like oddly enough like despite being so recess very adult like you know it's a that's like a nice thing to have dow like a person who supports your creative dream of being a musician like that's by you guys by the musician factor yeah and like there likes people to look at him he likes tension is yeah i think and i also like that said you know it takes us sort of level and i say this is on us industry it tastes a level of delusion and self importance to think that you're capable i mean music is even harder than writing that's like the hardest industry to make it in zack so ghetto you can only imagine like there has to be a part of your brain that's like on a good one to think that you should be a musician and that you could do this like you're going to actually be in the phase of your life where you have a child and a wife we're gonna still try for it if i was in this family and this guy was at say the parents house acting up i already know what my like one liner to him would be it would be they say his name they didn't say his name now let's say brian i'd be like go write a song about it brian leave the room yeah fuck all right a stock about a bryant this i would totally say that is your problem mind brian gory song about it yeah.

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