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Hey pre-ordered bubble. You can get some free stuff you can get a special bonus mini episode of the podcast featuring all the faves from the show. You gotta keep powell in there. You gotta crystal alonzo. Skinner like mitchell class. A special mini episode that you can only hear if you preorder and hey this is kinda cool. This mini episode edited by our own. Valerie moffett who did not alert job on it. Yeah really did a nice job. And that's something you can only hear if you priore and you get a special you get a special printed home mini comic. Which has if i say so myself. Some cool item based world building much like the video game series dot rules holy cow place. Seco- you coward sleigh grow. It's also from the from soft family. Yeah so this is. This is stuff you can only get if you preorder bubble if you want to upload the receipt to make sure you get that stuff go to be dot l. y. slash bubble preorder upload the receipt there and this is. Hey i know. I know sometimes podcasters are like. I'm not your tech support tech support. Don't don't ask me if something's going wrong if you need help with anything bubble priori related fucking at me. I'll tech support you. Find you a bookstore in your neighborhood if you haven't a receipt problems. Let me know. i'm here to help. I just try to try to move some books. Okay gosh darn it jordan. I've been having some problems do you if i ask you. Do you have any coupons for the highland park car. I don't but i have some coupons for another car. Washing happen to know that. Highland park accepts competitors coupons excellent We'll be back in just a second jordan. Jessica jordan jesse. Jesse thorn america's radio sweetheart jordan morris. Boy detective. Michael hang australia's radio sweetheart. And ben jenkins finland's radio sweetheart prove me wrong folks proved wrong. Try over to radio sweethearts together and their friend jordan..

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