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Still a little more than a month away. I'm just wondering, uh, About what? What? You're seeing What you're hearing. What with regard to the roster. Is this team set now? Do you anticipate them doing anything? I know there was maybe some talk when Hakeem identity went down that they may be fishing for some depth all along the offensive line, but the impactful signing, I think it's I think that boat sail. There's not that many left anyway, if if any at all, but I think that boat sailed for them, right. I think they could get an impactful three technique. Get a guy to back up, Larry Ogunjobi. You gotta stick in the middle of the defensive line. There drill case. He's a guy that we've been talking about on our podcast. For a long time. He just makes so much sense in each still out there. Um, I do think they've got five open spots right now. They'll have one more. When they put it energy on on IR. It makes sense to go get another tacko or to a guy that's okay with You know, signing for less money and just to come in and be a backup just in case type of guy. I think we'll see him grab a couple wide receivers and db or two just to kind of take some of the stress off the guys they have. And so they're not running those guys into the ground and camp, but If we're looking for an impact guy, I think there still could be one of those out there in free agency on the defensive line. But beyond that, they are going to be just contingency Guys. Champ body, but not anybody named Geno Atkins. I won't roll it, rule it out completely, But I put it in maybe the tendon 12% area. I just I think you know Zack did so much work and kind of purging those Marvin Lewis veterans and it's not like Geno was a problem. But He's trying to make this his team and his group his guys that are bought in, and, um, it just would seem kind of strange. Don't Don't forget to Geno was the NFL player rep here now he's gone. Jesse Bates has taken over that. It would just be kind of a weird situation to bring Gino back, but they do need someone in that position and If they view him to be totally healthy and someone that can help. I like I said, I wouldn't rule it out. Well, Enjoy your time off. J I think you got what about five weeks? 5.5 6 weeks before it actually fires up And then your 24 7 365 after that, right? Yeah, it's crazy. The NFL is almost 12 month. You hear a job, But yeah, these these. This is our one true downtime right now, So I appreciate it. I will enjoy my time officer. Sure, well deserved. Keep reading them on the athletic dot com J. Thanks for your time. We appreciate it. Okay. Thank you. Ken. This was in the Washington Post. I want to say maybe the Thursday Wednesday Thursday The NFL is 32 teams have done their best to educate players about the benefit of Covid 19 vaccination, but the league is not requiring vaccines. For players but is encouraging them. This is what Taylor did this week. But the incentive still is enough for some players. This was an article written by Mark Maskey, good writer known for My Days in Washington, D C. Maskey, right, 16 teams have more than 50 of 90 players on their roster vaccinated 16 teams more than 50 of 90. Including three teams would 70 or more players vaccinated. But according to Maskey, the Colts the Jaguars the Cardinals, the Chargers, still lagging behind in their vaccination rates. The league of the NFLPA have not released vaccination rates. Zach Taylor won't say how many have been vaccinated on his team, but it is, according to Maskey, a struggle for most teams to get to 85% compliance. And it could result in some unvaccinated players low on the depth chart. To lose their job. In fact, Cole Beasley, who's hardly lower on the depth chart. Colby easily said he's not getting vaccinated, and uh said earlier I think was Saturday, he said. That you know if that forces him to retire if the bills cut him or whatever he said, so be it. But it's you know what's going on here? It's it's the carrot in front of the horse for Bengals players to get vaccinated. Taylor gave a couple of days off thinking that if he did that You know, maybe it would give them then a chance to consider vaccination before they come back. It's They can't force players. They They have a a collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA. They can't force players to get vaccinated. But I think they're going to do everything they can to entice them. And then we'll see if there are any disciplinary things they can do Once everybody reconvenes for camp. Keep an eye on it. We will. It is 10 23 NewsRadio, 700 W L. W This man has two heads. Hello there. Hey, what's up? You think these two heads would like the same thing? No, no, not another. Will Ferrell movies? America's.

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