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These beautiful kind of all living rainiers below them and you can see them they're almost in a straight line between florence in rome and you could see like how they brought some wine for at least the place i mean we heights on the vincenzo wind trail where they had been carrying this wine for two thousand year how do you know you're eating says you're eating foods and even by italy's stand you know most people go to rome and go yes this is a tally right there you go the husky near like fucking room is a year yeah further food the food in tuscany is shown x level the thing when i wasn't ask me what i realize what bothered me is when something bothers me i'm like right when i was in egypt every time you go next so pyramid there'll be some fucking asshole from ohio talking to you about aliens i'm like sallie mae i'm like oh die row joy this fucking thing if they think tuscany has become self aware you know what i mean how beautiful it is so you're there and like i'm assuming guys telling me like up to our story of that guy like some steak and i'm like this is all bullshit row like you got this from cisco it's not this is not really true you're massaging the cow right and all the tourists like that jay here i believe the polls roman calls i'm like that's fucking insurance i'm freaking out that whole it become somewhere energy so beautiful thing you have to have like it's like watching a movie you have to just let it go india the outside fish trees and you'll with other selfaware is the right word or sure but it's yeah olive oil case like nowhere else in the world all over again i don't like all those but they all boil renzo on you know you're asking yeah i mean just sheer graphically everything fucking that grows there's delicious like you drop a piece of gum in gum tree clearing and yeah they solve all of them in my life for me i'm not somebody spared the donkey you know we only why did they but it's it's beautiful idea cruising the greek islands in miami you're columns for more on the greeks lemons ali rosemary if you wait agrees with the dodgers they play games entered the recent mega washed up and then they stop it right yeah the first thing they said from the airport to the hotel they pointed out like god damn all of trains on the right wing they love those dreams pizza white green very little that is valid lifestyles you serve me last night by the way the strawberry mayo and avocado salad we shouldn't work at all and totally works totally words like used one of those right about now you gotta go let's finish up in i'll be admitted earlier ordering food that's wrong yeah wow that sounds good i like i like to think about it happens i love how they incorporated these the bruins it's a modern day building yeah like you'll be in a hotel and also there's a giant glass wall with the bruins mayor of anything there's.

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