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Selection of shop classic Chevrolet calm Find new roads based on 2020 million registrations. Meteorologist Brad Barton and the W B A. P Weather Center today is going to be dry. Partly cloudy, breezy and warm with a high of 64 Gusty south winds low tonight 47 tomorrow we're gonna have some scattered showers in the area tomorrow. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All have pretty decent rain chances. Temperatures will stay above freezing right now at WB Ape 42 degrees news brought to you by preservation tree services. Governor. Abbott says the state leaves the country in the number of residents to receive covert 19 vaccinations, but numerous counties are struggling to meet demand. Darryl Willis with Collin County Health Services, says the county is currently out of vaccine requested 10,000 doses immediately. We requested 14,000 doses for the week of January 18th and then 42,000 doses for January, 25th. According to the state. The focus for now is on major population centers in remote areas where there aren't vaccine hubs. Nearby. Residents in less populated counties are being encouraged to register in larger counties. Meanwhile, taxes has added 51 mass vaccine hubs for total of 79. This week, the state of Texas reported more than 18,000 more cases of covert 19 Sunday, bringing the state's total to more than 2.1 million since the pandemic hit 10 months ago. In that time 32,000 Texans have died of the disease taxes. Attorney General Ken Paxton has been having a difficult time raising money for his 2022 re election. In the past Paxton's campaign fundraising efforts of typically run into seven figures this year, his official statement shows he raised only $300,000 in the last six months of 2020. Still, the numbers show he did get a bounce when he filed a lawsuit on behalf of President Trump seeking to overturn elect And results in four states. The upshot Paxton ended 2020 with a $5.5 million campaign war chest. Dennis Martin. W B A P News from the W B A P.

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