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Of their big french opinion bats also people are witching and voted for him hoping for some changes you know for going forward to move forward in in in the economy kfir two two with the hope that an improvement we decreased so whether it will play a role and whether they would be more moderation in in this the confrontation of those two to come says it remains to be seen whether lety we neither lot a lot of first killed two two to manage these because other people i mean other prime minister prison before him try try to reform and uh they they really i mean the fed in the sense that they didn't reform as much as they will have light looking at the polling around his present disapproval rating the statistic that leaped out at me at least was only twenty three percent of french people think the country is heading in the right direction again is that common and if it's uncommon what is it specifically french people are worried about i think it's a bit early to sing direction the country goes in ho so when you asked this question to the people arriving maybe the question is it'd be difficult to answer so let's wait and see but it's not a question you see many other pose you know when you speak about the popularity of someone i mean uh you are not always ask whether the country goes into the right direction so definitely this to me this is a difficult question let's let's to him a little time to see if he's hitting the country to order the right direction 100 this is not that much florence prediman from urgent france prospecutor very marchers or worse for joining us you're listening to the daily or monocle 24.

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