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Terrible because we got judicata diplomats and all of my all my scores were in the rated hers where the green and i'm beginning to see the disappointment on her because she was used to being competitive and i was i ask myself. Wow i'm letting her down. And i could see it and she wouldn't tell me that but it without being so one night i was watching the colorful and watching danny glover mr. And whatever he was doing what. I can. And i said i got to do that. I do that thing. Then he thought right now renowned. Play right and producer. Jon johnson is back is richard. Haass in tyler. Perry's the ogle airing on black entertainment television series and plays pro family man and stained white house butler who has served on the so administrations at the white house longer than anyone else there from a young age and thanks to the assistance of the school choir director johnson love and interest in deforming are able to grow and thrive and we're going to receive a scholarship in ten seven carolina state university after changing his major to acting equally and most himself into the program. Were gone to earn a bachelor's degree before going on to receive a master's of fine arts at the university of his birth also. This renaissance man has roosting over his conservatory center. Call their fruit conservatory. I'm john johansen junior and welcome to another edition of in black america. On this week's program. Jan johnson co-star tyler perry's the oval in black on. They're going to make it so everything yes. Everything suffers personal office boxes and they are in the hit. Butlers care yes and respectfully these people are capable. They've been doing it many years. Great what about the kids handling his personal office. Richard told sir. This is richard our head butler richard. This is donald winter chief-of-staff ulcer from office. Yes sir movers here. No no movers. I need you to handle this highly sensitive materials. We're doing her. I will thank you. It's almost impossible in one president and out of the white house another within a matter of we've been doing this for years you've been working author administration sir. And he's been amazing can do thank you sir sir. You should be getting to the motorcade. We have it all covered here at promise. Thank you are big big. All she worries. I'm glad we have you. Yeah yeah i am. Pleased with the character of land where he's going especially season two. You really get in you know. Richest heart is really online right. He's all he's on the table man and he's just he's taking which is good you know because he's such He wanted to more grounded characters on show a little nervous to see where he ends up. Because he's in a world of chaotic characters and he's been one of the more grounded characters and but it's nice to be a character who's fighting for that stability in that security and themselves trying to measure his morals morals always tested. His integrity is always tested. But he's also a prideful man. He's a man of integrity. The ministers so it was a great dynamic is an actor to have to navigate through that madness and try to maintain maintain what he's built in terms of his family his reputation. And it's so i'm enjoying. I was just hope that he doesn't go to van. Johnson is an actor. Playwright producer director known for american soul survivors. Remorse barbershop to and the oval ridden directed and executive produced by tyler. Perry the over his political drama series. That tells the stroke of us. President hunter franklin and first lady victoria franklin a power hungry interracial couple who presents a perfect decide to the worldwide indulging and wiley scandalous behavior behind closed doors born and raised in anderson south carolina. Johnston grew up in a blue collar. Community that focus on hard work and supporting the community to that end johnson has never forgotten where he came from that teenager working forty hours a week with no thought of a future beyond that he knows the town of people who put in decades of intense work while the artistic dreams lied. Norman inside the spirit out of that realization. His bear fruit conservatory was born. Recently in black. America caught up with johnson. Honest sentiment coming christmas movie. He was filming. Give us an idea. What was it. Like going. Up in anderson south carolina Listen and this is all come on. It is probably about population of small town. Maybe twenty thousand. My you know it was. You know saturday both manasota. Well i'm on now but You know really good friends but he from the same hometown But there wasn't much to our community the that contribute to where we ended up in the industry so Little black boys and alison. We're not talking about being active or writers autism talking about paying football. He's talking about going to the takes all automotive industry. Maybe somebody was talking about rampant. We didn't really we didn't really have you know dreams like what we what we ended up doing so there wasn't much fear in terms of that in that community. You know if you if you put thirty or forty years at at the bmw automotive plant. That's a good life There's nothing wrong with that but it just wasn't a community that You an outlet or any permissions draining in terms of the entertainment career that we have right now. So that's what it was like. So how did you happen to major in acting at south carolina state university shoveling. I wasn't i wasn't. I wasn't intending to go to college. My i was raised on my maternal side of the family. Probably the highest education on that side of the family was probably a high school diploma. So college was not in the conversation I wasn't intending to go to college. Though saying footballing getting recruited to play football but then realized the only like the sport payments people. I grew up with. I didn't like it as a college or career. You know Go there wasn't what. I love the sport enough to keep continue with it receiver. I y receiving of you know. I got to thinking that they. I don't know if i if i was forced to make the nfl. I don't know if i want to do your job harrison newness so i think my head on not gonna want that you know my life so But there was my high school choir teacher. I was on the choir high school. She made me go to college and she said you're going to college and i said i can't afford college and she said i wanna get your scholarship and as a coal scholarship and i and i can't think But she wanted this little blackboard to go higher education. Shit i guess. He saw something in me so i went back home and say mom. I got a scholarship. And that's what everybody out and up on the south carolina state university. And i was gonna music department and i realized very quickly these these people really seeing the seriously and i'm sitting there trying to hold a note and blend in and but i was passing the theater building every day. Henderson davis theater building in the middle of the campus. And i kept looking at it. And eventually i said let me go in that building because it was speaking to me it was it was a connection with the building went in and sort of short. I gave up my scholarship and got a theater. Scholarship and became a theater president and.

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