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And as we would go through the list, he would say, oh, and there's this great script. You have to read called the usual suspects and and he said, you know, they're, they. They want you for this thing. And I said, well, who who's directing that you never heard of him? He's twenty five years old name's Brian Fung are you don't know who he is? Okay, great. Man, who wrote the thing? Yeah, never heard of him either. He's twenty five years old in his name is Christopher Corey. Well, who's in it? And at that point it was just Kevin Spacey in nineteen Ninety-four. Kevin Spacey was similar to. You or I, in the sense that he was a character actor auditioning for things and not an entity that people build a movie around, or you know, an alleged pedophile certainly he, he was just a working actor. I wish when I'd grown up studying in worshiping Bill Cosby in the liner notes, they would have said, by the way. What have been. So if it's not a problem. Thirty eight people are going to come forward at some point. So you know, the point was every time I agent mention usual suspects. I would say what else is going on? Because you know, you wanna know who's the director who the other actors. What are the entities where the elements involved in a project that whether interest in me and he kept saying, you gotta read, you gotta read a gutter. And Finally, I said, okay, I'll read it and they get to page five. And I called him. And I said, I'm in, I'm I still have a lot to read, but I'm in and so good call. He he well, sure. And then he falls up with them. Comes back to me and says, Bryan singer loves you want you to do this. And if you wanna go in and talk to him about that, be great. And I said, sure, go and talk to him. So I go in meet this twenty five year old and he looks seventeen, and he, he says, a love you to be in this. The only part two parts have left are Hockney, which is a party ended up playing and fencer, which is the part that Benicio del Toro ended up playing. And if you know the film spoiler alert, I say, well, I don't wanna play fester because he has no real function in the film other than to die to tell the rest of the suspects they can't run and he's, he's mcmanus's sidekick. He doesn't doesn't really have any impactful scenes or even dialogue cut to Benito Toro steals every every he's in everything. So Brian says, great. Okay, so, well, I love you for this. There are two actors that have already promised agents that I will addition them, but I would love you to do this. So I'm driving home from that. And I thought I don't. Yeah, I actually want to do this now and I feel like I've basically been offered the part, but he but two other actors are going to audition, but you don't know who they are..

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