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Dui get arrested he says driver suspected to be high will go through field sobriety test recreational pot becomes legal in this state on monday on duty law enforcement deaths have reached a nearly sixty year low the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says one hundred twenty eight officers have been killed so far this year the memorial fund ceo craig floyd says the number may be historically low but it's still tragic forty four officers died last year by gunfire 47 of them died in traffic related incidents and thirty seven officers died from other causes 2017 has been the least deadly year for cop since 2013 other than that the last time officer our deaths were this low was in nineteen fifty nine voids says bulletproof vests have saved the lives of thousands of officers in the fat in the past few decades but other things are helping to like improve training and better community relations lloyd's as social media is a continuing challenge because it can blow police mccown misconduct out of proportion or even crept new four or two percent of the time most officers will grow their entire career without ever firing their weapons in light of duty you also says people should be patient with cops who seems stressed out democratic democrat doug jones has been certified the winner of that state's special election to fill the vacant senate seat jones beat republican candidate why more by more than twenty thousand votes this month but more refuse to concede moore's lawyer filed a lawsuit yesterday to try in block the.

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