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All Right? Let's wrap up with this regarding last week's smackdown. Decay from Maryland. I'm walking my dog and listening to the way killer hotline recapping smackdown as I began writing this, it was six thirty am, and I shouldn't be this angry. With emails you read. I went to expect you to remember I've not watched any of the wwe since the Khashoggi assassination I, hear all my news about them through the amazing torch coverage, so go VIP. Stay, VIP. It's ten dollars a month that you do not feel dirty spending. Jeff Hardy! This man has gone through hell with his disease. He's been an amazing comeback story at times only to fall again and again here's to abstain clean as long as he can. One day at a time what happened on smackdown? And then the word set by shameless or not just in poor taste. They are infuriating. This isn't him getting into the police involvement. I am in recovering been for over ten years, which is something I hope to be for the rest of my life, because there's no cure for addiction I've lost friends and family to this disease hell, it destroyed my first marriage so to lash out and call him pathetic junkie. Even if Jeff Hardy approved it, it should not happen ever I know WB is very helpful when it comes to their employees needing to go to Rehab, which I'm sure they would bring up if there is pushback about this angle that. That said this is just another case them exploiting an employee in looking down on them I'm so glad there is other great wrestling around these days twenty eighteen was last straw for me, but since then they have nothing anything to try to get me back. No, instead they have done more to validate my decision. I have my own personal Hashtag, which is take wwe free since two thousand eighteen and I think I will be using going forward for a long time, even if I have to sacrifice watching X T. Thanks ratings. Sorry about the length of the keep up the amazing coverage. Bruce Mitchell is worth ten dollars month alone. Everyone should just canceled out to be network and get a torch VIP subscription instead. Thank you decay from Maryland. That would be great by the way everybody like. You know anybody who's w just canceled side..

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