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The moment deputy marshal Bill Degan was killed the nature of the situation changed a federal deputy marshal shot to death near future officers and federal agents have taken up positions or under remote cabin near Naples, Idaho. Never before has north Idaho witnessed this kind of firepower from the federal government, and it's all because Randy Weaver Weaver hispan- because Degan was a federal agent. The FBI now had jurisdiction over the scene. Members of the bureau's hostage. Rescue team arrived the next morning. Jackie Brown to call them hostage. Rescue team is offensive to my very census. They were in assassination team, you you would have to have an IQ of five to understand that. The Marshall service may have been working with partial information on the Weaver family, but at least they've been working the case for more than a year, the F B I came in blind. And it's crazy. How much bad information they were working with? Law enforcement agencies thought Randy Weaver had experience in Vietnam wrong. They thought the family had blue be trapped the property or that they had armed allies ready to fight alongside them both wrong. The ATF claimed at one point that Randy was a suspect in multiple Bank robberies wrong, they thought he might be growing marijuana wrong. The shooting gave rise to new rumors that Randy and Kevin eras had fired on the marshals from the cabin using automatic weapons that the family had rigged their property with explosives that Randy and his family had the remaining marshals pinned down and refused to let them flee all of the bad information pointed in one direction that Randy Weaver was a very dangerous, man. On the flight from Washington DC, the head of the FBI's hostage rescue team decided desperate times called for desperate measures. And this is when some rules of engagement are crafted, which are will become one of the most controversial. And indefensible parts of this case from the federal side, certainly rules of engagement our internal guidelines agencies use to define what kind of force can be employed under what circumstances standard procedure calls for deadly force to be used only in self-defense or defensive others. The FBI's new rules drafted on the plane and revised several more times on the scene where unusually aggressive the final draft read if any adult male is observed with a weapon deadly force, can and should be employed. If a shot can be taken without endangering the children. In other words, if you see an armed man shoot to kill this would change things in a way that would be tragic because obviously the weavers are always armed as the FBI descended on nor. Other night Aho the weavers retrieved Sammy's body and moved it to shed that night. The survivors huddled together in grief and terror, they wail and cry and believe that they're going to die the here. Helicopters, and they hear trucks in the woods. And and they believe that you know, that they are under attack and that by morning, you know, they might come and finish them all off..

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