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Want a para tickets to see peer Gent performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra that is Friday March twenty second in hindsight all four one two nine two to ten twenty caller number ten. From her. No. This radio. Twenty seven at Pittsburgh International at six thirty on Paul Rasmussen the FAA and NTSB have arrived in Ethiopia to join the investigation into Sunday's crash of a Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight that killed one hundred fifty seven people. The opium airlines crash is the second in several months. Some lawmakers are calling for grounding the airliner in the US as his happening in other countries. But the FAA says it considers the planes safe here. CBS news travel editor Peter Greenburg, especially at safe because we haven't figured out the investigation results one particular crash. However, the pilots that I'm talking to you were telling me manageable, meaning not every pilots and thoroughly trained in the new systems are plane, which may have resulted in the crash of line air, six months ago. Boeing says it has been working on a software enhancement for the seven thirty max eight cents that line aircrash off Indonesia in October. Jury selection begins today in the trial of former east Pittsburgh police officer, Michael Ross spelled charge. With criminal homicide in the shooting death. Antoine rose twelve jurors four alternates from dolphin county will hear the case after a judge ordered the panel should come from outside Allegheny county due to extensive pretrial publicity attorney William cosstalk tells Katie k ATV Dauphin county was chosen because it's racial. Demographics are similar to Allegheny county. Gracious, a big factor in this case young police officer, you have a young unarmed African American seventeen year old boy that was killed Ross pelt is accused of shooting rose as the unarmed team ran away from a traffic stop last June. The shooting set off a series of protests that shut down streets and blocked intersections often during the evening. Rush-hour city leaders want to be prepared in case the demonstrations return, Pittsburgh's emergency management is therefore meeting with some downtown businesses today to prepare them for possible unrest as well. As the Saint Patrick's Day parade and some sporting events. Detroit. Police have yet to make public bodycam video to counter Allegheny county controller Chelsea Wagner's claim. She was injured by an officer. And wrongfully arrested last week. A Detroit News reporter did see the police video and reports it shows both Wagner and her husband were intoxicated and swearing it. Officers at one point a hotel security guard asks police to kick Cari, mostly out of the Westin hotel because guests were being awakened the newspaper. Also reports Wagner told police she was the highest ranking female official in allegany county. The last of the American embassy staff in Venezuela is pulling out as conditions in the country deteriorate. Venezuela is struggling to restore electricity following several days of blackouts in deepening political crisis. The US has been leading an international effort to oust socialist, president nNcholas Maduro and replace him with opposition leader, one Guido who vows to hold a new presidential election. Pillsbury? Flour is being recalled. Due to salmonella fears. CBS's mad piper has details. Hills vary parent company hometown food is conducting a nationwide recall of flower packaged under the popular Pillsbury brand due to concerns that the product may be contaminated with salmonella the FDA has urging consumers not to eat the recalled products sold at retailers, including Publix in winn-dixie more than twelve thousand cases of the recalled flour was sold at grocery stores nationwide. The expiration dates for the affected flower is April twenty twenty Matt piper. CBS news in sports. The penguins in caps will play tonight PG paints arena..

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