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And for the reasons Jeff talking about what system does he fit in with his running style is not a running style if you can just play anywhere. So maybe I'm Bill should feel good, but he ain't getting tiger early money and I don't blame this. Do this for not giving. Welcome back. Greg, Jennings Jeff Schwartz here. Let's move to Jimmy Garoppolo. Move love life isn't the only thing raising eyebrows, Jimmy g. saying in a new interview, the thought he was better than Tom Brady when he joined the patriots, adding their competition with so intense. There were times they want to kill each other Brady helped force Jimmy out of New England lock, you think Brady's play will actually suffer without Garoppolo pushing him because I do. I know I, I saw you on radio today, pushing this narrative, and I was like, you know, he'd left last year and Tom was MVP. He wasn't there all year and Tom was MVP you know that before Garoppolo Tom Brady was a mega superstar. Two thousand seven. He he's hasn't had a good backup quarterback. Matt Cassel. I don't think was much of a threat. He couldn't even play USC. So I just don't if Brady falls off a cliff or backs up, it'll just be because the father, Tom, not because Jim Raitis whole career. He's. Never been the biggest. The the fastest, the best arm. He's played with a chip on a shoulder because he's always been threatened chasing or seeking something. He seeked Bella checks approval. He was threatened by Peyton Manning. He was chasing Joe Montana. Garoppolo is a threat. The two times Garoppolo plate after that awful. Monday night football, Kansas City loss Garoppolo came in next four weeks. Britney was twelve touchdowns no picks best month of his career. Deflate gate Garoppolo place Brady's next four games. Fourteen TV's no picks hundred and thirty four quarterback rating the two best months of his career because Garoppolo a threat. So as Peyton Manning. Bill Belichick. He no longer.

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