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So I it's in a great Steffi Graf that she did manage the colder at exactly the right time and she's She's cultivated a potential major league baseball player Jordan. Girls Is is quite a baseball plan. Not Not sure. Cultivated was the right the right verb their niece for child rearing night. We know it's all right. Final Word About Martina. Hingis as well as I said we`ll. We'll go deep into her career in the show that we do June Wimbledon. But we can't finish this without a word from Mary. Carillo who covered his career throughout. Let's see what she thought of her really enjoyed watching her. The Tiger as Nick Bollettieri Ritz. They in you'll I and that kid was such a she was. She had so much variety and she knew just went to use it and she wasn't she was pretty slight compared. That's what ended up happening by the way to my mind when I keep talking about the mental strength of the strength of the Great Standing became. The game became very physical. And he I think The blunt force trauma of so many players who were able to hit her is what got her way but back then when she was just a kid and she had she was so clever and she managed the courts so well there was no real place to attacker because she knew how to make the most of her strokes in her and her mind. I made her. She had a beautiful mind for the game. I loved watching has played. It didn't surprise me being the one that got away for her obviously is against cross that the French and ninety nine and that was kind of remarkable to see her not figure out a way to win that one. And what's interesting about that one okay at sixteen? At Wimbledon Chesney have a lot of pressure and she wins herself. The US Open. She says what she can do in Australia but the French that she never won the French. I mean which is the Sur Again. This service she grew up on and win grop feature and says. I'll never play this again by grigory new where that was her lineup but I still thought like well he gets is going to win to win a French and she didn't she didn't. I think Mary says what we were. All thinking the Steffi Graf said it to face in front of seventeen thousand people. You'll win one of these. And then she didn't Didn't win another slam. Which is and I know that. The narrative is in and Mary eluded to that that that the power game came along and it squeezed multi hangers out in the dumb imports of cools. Most most notably the Williams sisters. But actually she is she punched away through Steffi Graf. Who Okay. She wasn't the Williams sisters but she was power player. That was she was in the end as you say. She injected started injecting more pace on the ball in the second set Steffi Graf found a way to to make her a bull striking her power play. Tell in that much so I think it's a sort of slightly reductive narrative to say that sort of Martina Hingis game just kind of faded into into sort of feebleness with the wave of power tennis. I mean obviously that is true to a certain degree but she was doing against big hitters as well. She she Peak she was and of course the year before. This isn't talked about enough the year before the French. When she lost I think in the semi's she was going for the four slams in erode. She was going for the slam. The whatever we call it what do we call it. The the Jovic slam the Serena's so we are Martina Hingis will have a full show on her June Wimbledon Steffi Graf. We've had two wonderful conversations about her and Tomorrow we'll be talking about Andre Agassi as he tried to complete the career Grand Slam up against Andrei Medvedev that incredible year. Nine hundred ninety nine more of that coming your way not a I will be expecting starts on how often t plays with the same name have faced one another pressure. It's not quite the same name though is it. It sounds this. She can have that Catherine. Anyway we'll come stats on that. Were no problem. We the right man for the job and we'll be back with another one tomorrow. I hope you're enjoying these editions of tennis relived from the French Open. We will have many more of them coming your way over week. Two of what should have been but we're going back in time once again to nine hundred ninety nine tomorrow. Do Tell your friends if you enjoy this. Thanks for your company today. We'll see you tomorrow..

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