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On tune in we'll be back here this time next weekend i'll actually be filling in for brian noonan on sunday afternoon starting at three o'clock let's get upstairs and check the news now here's roger battle sheragha flurries snow throughout the region and swim wet snow and some drizzle freezing drizzle south of ice eighty right now and 16th degrees will wind chill of four yeah that snowplows gonna get allowed to use today a couple of times today and tomorrow chicago area getting another three to six inches of snow before the sun comes out late sunday afternoon full forecast coming up later in the news this history of north korean leader kim jenin has shaken hands with south korean president moon jae in during the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics while vix feet skater emery layman of haute part says despite the rocky relationship with north korea he's not worried about security of the game going to sell jia israeli high security risk but turnout finds i think you know i think with north korean athletes participating in i think it all be okay early says he's going to try to take her trip to the demilitarized zone between the north and south leaders of north and south korea continue to hold meetings after the came together during the opening ceremony of the olympics abc's alex stone witness sounded hamrick lakes filling the room south korean president moon jae in and kimyo jong kim jonghoon sister shook hands during the meeting kim extending an invitation on behalf of her brother for moon to visit north korea what would be an historic meeting moon staff says he told cam that more talking is needed in suggested north korea work to open dialogue with the us alex stone abc news yungchiang actor and former us ambassador to me mexico john gavin has died at the age of eighty six abc's day freiburg.

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