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In Yorba Linda 66, 2, macula and 60 in Venice. We leave local life from the K If I 24 hour news room, I'm Layla Muhammed. So far, we've got no money, but we got tossed around on this eco sound. Do you know how sister Paula's party casts serious houses? For far we've got no money, but we got to wait till this goes south. House. What is this? Kanye cheated on Kim? Yeah. Youtuber with the YouTube makeup star. Jeffrey Starr? Yeah. Whether the pronouns there, Jeffrey, I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Jeffrey is a man. Okay? Many identifies this Amanda's I believe okay, are Jeffery Starr's huge, like huge on the Internet. Yeah, huge on YouTube got 17 million subscribers. Jeffries 35. Yeah. No. So tell me more. That's all. I just I just don't know where these came from. Born and born in l. A where the rumors came from connecting him and Kanye Mm. I have to check that out. What's up?.

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