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As i'm sure you did as seeing Number seventy nine tackle for the cowboys. Just stand there. While their quarterback sacks gave me lots of shades of november twelfth. two thousand seventeen So yeah if you don't know what that was. That was the day of adrian clayborn so Sorry i had to bring that up but Wedding says not have faith in him. He's a thirty six year old journeyman. Yeah i mean you know definitely Definitely not something that you know. I think inspired a lot of faith but still you know it made some sense And the cowboys only had somebody resources and so there was. There was some reason to be hopeful in this battalion. Second not opt to the right. Start with the dallas cowboys. Melvin says candy was solid. I think talking about maurice kennedy. We do not have him as a winner. But it was a really nice game for moist kennedy and a really really nice debut game early for moyes kennedy because again. We've talked so much about how. Mike parsons opted out. Last season in penn state maurice kennedy. I think his journey gets forgotten with the cowboys. I do kind of like the nickname candy by the way for him. But moi's kennedy did not play a lot with the new york jets. The cowboys signed him last year. After mike mccarthy i took over pro football focus things highly thought highly of his two thousand nine hundred in from an overall defensive grade perspective And so he was an interesting player and interesting kind of case study with mike mccarthy's devotion to analytics and so it was going to be really interesting to see how he played out last season but obviously he opted up and so for him to come in and play this well early on. It's really encouraging. He had some really great almost moments. And i know that you know almost only counts in horseshoes or whatever it is but in the preseason almost moments matter and almost moments are indicative that there is something there to really like to really be hopeful and optimistic about so look i mean morris kennedy not a winner again but i think somebody that you know we should feel really good about moving forward But yeah by the way. Hyman says got my hat today in the mail just in time for the game things high male one of our winners after we pass ten thousand subscribers here on the bottom of the boy's youtube channel we will do giveaways like that as we continue to make milestones rather pass milestones. So thanks for being a viewer. But so let's get you another winner on the list. So far we've got mike parsons garrett gilbert and israel mu quam recode at i i mean i think rico is a winner and if you don't think that why are what do you think here because data. That's your your thoughts if you're watching on you if you're on facebook We are podcasting this conversation after the facts. If you're listening to the podcast you can still shout it out loud wherever you are but we go down. I thought played. Well we know that. This back belongs to zeke elliott. We know obviously that tony part is going to be the guy that supplements but redoubtable is making a case to be on the roster as well. Eric montoya says rico rb. Three matthew davis says i loved rico again it was really nice. Debut game for rico. Data led the team inquiries. Eight of them for forty three yards. Five point four yards or carry not a large sample size. We're talking about eight yards. So nothing to totally freak out about ben nucci as you can see was the second leading rusher with two attempts for seventeen yards some of that inflated near the very end of the penultimate play of the game for the cowboys brendan knocks for carey's twelve yards Tony pollard only had two carries for nine yards. But so i think rico dowdell definitely. It's hard to say anybody cemented their place on the roster after the first of four preseason games but i mean it he went along with. You need that guy. Alex's data ran hard he deserves to be number three totally agree with you. We've got jacobson's rico. Data rb three roberts says rico did grade should be roster. Lock very much agree. Matthew davis says we honestly need to marry him. Barbara type. that's true. That's definitely an element of the cowboys running game. That is missing but rico data. Congratulations on being are. What is his third winner fourth winter. We've got four winners and three loser. So far which means we have to get to another one By the way alec says i would challenge number twenty and thirty four forty. Battling it out. That's a bowl. take my friend. And there's a lot of people who believe in tony polar to coming out strong two thousand twenty one so you know. I mean if that happens. I mean look. I'm down to feed everybody feed all running backs. Let everybody have their sheriff touches because that's an effective way to play in the nfl. Just ask how shanahan by the way on the subject of cash and it was interesting. If you didn't watch the broadcast john lynch not shanahan. But obviously the general manager in san francisco happened to be in the booth with troy aikman and joe buck when semi fajr oko was targeted. He mentioned that the forty niners had some interest in semi for ho during the two thousand twenty one. nfl draft. So that's cool but magic says rico is nowhere near tony pollard. Maybe let's let's be optimistic. Brian i liked this. Brian says a winner cowboys fans. Football is back baby. That's the thing like. I know we're all kind of sitting here. We're all little bit frustrated over certain things whatever tiny little details but the fact that we are sitting here at live after it was football game in talking with one another about it. I mean it just feels so good and in case you are new here new to the blog and the boys universe we will be going live after every single dallas cowboys game this season. We hope to be a part of your weekly tradition as we all enjoy..

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