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We were talking a little bit about that. I read it. In an interview you mentioned that you had had thyroid cancer, thyroid affects your weight, and your Mahdi's so much. And so I can't even imagine the recovery for that. And what your body was going through? And you'd mentioned in the interview how it kind of it opened your eyes to of having a different relationship with your body. And I just was so moved by that in and it really made me think of things in a different way. And I just wanted to make sure that we got to talk about that a little bit. If you're comfortable. Yeah. Definitely. First of all up until my mid thirties before I got fiery cancer. I always weighed a certain amount, you know, I always fell good. You know, I kind of had one of those bodies, I wasn't ever thin. I was not ever heavy. I was super off Luttig, and I just always felt good in your body. Yeah. And I always felt like you know, somewhere deep down inside, I felt sexy in that way. Unlike in it wasn't fabricated. It was just like, hey, like a feel like me, I've did a lot of work on myself, mentally, and I think always sexiness is so mental. So when I got thyroid cancer, one of the first things that happened is, I gained fifty five pounds. That's a significant amount. It is a lot of weight, and it was coming from nowhere and two, I just kept eating less, and less, and less, and it all kind of started. You know, I was high around thirty one and so I thought, okay, well, thirty now like metabolism is slowed down, I guess, and it was very confusing. I was working on a movie in Australia. I was like, maybe I'm super stressed. You know too big job down here. So I just kept eating less and eating less, and I was literally starving, and every week was, like another five pounds another other six pounds, and others impound that will plan on, you know, something was medically wrong. I it took a few years now to find out because when I got home from Australia back to LA. I just went to my gynecologist and I said, hey, I think I have a thyroid problem because of gained all this weight an really I watching what I'm eating really I grew up in a super hippy family. So, you know vegan, we ate vegan the majority of my life. So I actually literally did know what it meant to eat healthy. So it wasn't like I was like oh, yeah. Healthiest like only three diet cokes. No, no, healthy is like green juice. And, you know, vegetables and small amount of protein like, I, I understood it so he tested my blood, and he said. Near within normal range. And you know, that's okay. Just trying to figure out how could it be that I've gained all this weight? I really feel not myself, and I'm exhausted..

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