Mayor Christman, Hillsborough County, Facebook discussed on AM Tampa Bay


The bull pit bull that goes on. It was just something that happened is freak accident exacerbated. It just happened the victim now needs plastic surgery. The massive is at Hernando county animal services. It's not clear what will happen to the dog beware of bears this morning comes from the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission after two people within the last two days reported seeing a bare near lakeland Linder airport, David to Lesko the bear. Management program coordinator for the forever WC says it's time when bears are leaving their mothers and they are now looking for their own territory. Wild animal definitely, do not feed it if you see a bear, make sure you report it to f WC the ongoing battle over the future of the Tampa Bay rays. Hillsborough county Commissioner Ken Hagan took off the gloves at Wednesday's board meeting blasting Saint Pete mayor requirement for resisting any further talks between the rays, and the city of Tampa and Hillsborough county over moving the team to ebor city, the challenge, we currently face is that we are prevented from the gauche eating with the team due to the original use agreement being in place. And unfortunately mayor Christman is not doing anything to advance the issue, his current position is not only parochial, but it is playing right into the hands of those who want the team to leave the region. Christman says he believes Saint Petersburg is still the best place for the raise the team. Currently ranked twenty ninth out of the thirty major league teams in attendance this season ahead of only the Miami Marlins. It's five O five at News Radio WFL a this is a Bloomberg market minute. Stocks posted cautious games in midweek trading after the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged, but open the door to interest rate cuts later in the year. That chairman Jay Powell says, central bankers will do what they have to do to prevent a downturn in late of increased uncertainties in unit inflation pressures. We now emphasize that the committee will closely monitor the implications of incoming information for the economic outlook and will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion Powell indicated the strong labor market and to. Percent. Inflation are still key objectives. Lawmakers rushed to plan hearings after Facebook announced plans to launch a crypto currency coin, but Sheryl Sandberg chief financial officer at Facebook tells Bloomberg the launches a long way from launch. The.

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